Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones brutally criticizes NFL referees for alleged restrictions on Micah Parsons

The Dallas Cowboys, previously riding high on a five-game winning spree, hit a snag with back-to-back losses against the Buffalo Bills and Miami Dolphins. The team has dominated their rivals like nothing else and pulled off some commanding victories back-to-back. However, the recent defeats cast a shadow over their pursuit of claiming the conference’s top seed.

While the Cowboys team is grappling with adversity, team owner Jerry Jones has a different frustration. The veteran has recently raised eyebrows by expressing his dissatisfaction over the perceived absence of holding penalties against his veteran linebacker, Micah Parsons, in recent months.

Jerry Jones speaks out on referee decisions

Amid the Cowboys recent struggle, Jerry Jones expressed his concern over what he perceives as a restriction that limits Micah Parsons’ potential to impact games by impeding his ability to sack quarterbacks. Since the game against the Los Angeles Chargers on October 16th, Micah has been on a surprising dry spell, going over 70 days and 38 quarters without drawing any holding calls from opponents attempting to block him.

Jones, while not explicitly accusing the referees of deliberately constraining the edge rusher, hinted at the detrimental effect this issue has on the veteran’s performance.

“I don’t think the intent (by the refs) is to take a player of his skill and limit him. … There’s no question that Micah is having restrictions that if turned loose would result in a sack of the quarterback,” said via CBS Sports.

While Micah himself showcased frustration regarding his situation on social media, Jones clarified that he doesn’t believe the referees intentionally aim to curtail a player of the All-Pro LB’s caliber. However, he strongly contends that the current situation restricts the player from unleashing his full potential and bolstering the Cowboys’ defensive lineup.

The Cowboys owner said the referees often abstain from calling holding penalties in cases where they believe the player might not have reached the quarterback anyway. According to him, this approach doesn’t do justice to Parsons’ relentless pursuit, as he consistently edges closer to sacking the signal-caller.

“They won’t call a holding penalty in a certain range of holding … usually if they don’t think the player would’ve gotten to the quarterback to begin with… That doesn’t work for Parsons because he’s about to get there almost all the time. Anything that just limits him should be put on hold.

With an impressive record of 13 sacks, 27 solo tackles, and one forced fumble this season, Parsons has been incredible on the field this season. His performance placed him on track to become only the fifth defensive player in NFL history to achieve the feat of getting first-team All-Pro status in each of his first three seasons.

Jones credits Dak Prescott with team’s playoff run potential

The NFC East is once again pulsating with excitement as the Philadelphia Eagles hold a commanding 11-4 record, leading the charge, with the Cowboys tailing closely at 10-5. Amid the recent spell of underwhelming performances for the Cowboys, Jerry Jones has decided to remain steadfast in his belief in a positive future. What keeps this faith burning bright for Jones? The answer lies in the resurgent brilliance of the team’s quarterback, Dak Prescott.

“I think Dak is the best he’s been in his career. He’s the reason for my No. 1 highlight,” Jerry Jones said.

This admiration for Prescott’s performance has reflected a remarkable transformation from his struggles in the 2022 season, where he grappled with turnovers and interceptions. Contrasting starkly with his previous campaign, the MVP contender showcased a commendable tally of 3,892 passing yards along with 30 touchdowns while curtailing his interceptions to a mere 7. Boasting an impressive completion rate of 68.4% and a quarterback rating of 104.2, he has galvanized the Cowboys’ offensive prowess.

Averaging 4.5 yards per rush, Prescott has proven his dual-threat prowess, accounting for nearly half of his team’s red zone plays with 90 passes and contributing with 13 red zone rushing attempts. He also proved himself a multifaceted asset in critical game moments.


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