“Cringe” Patrick Mahomes celebration draws fiery gaze from NFL fans after Zach Wilson clinic

Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs secured a soaring victory over the Jets in their week 4 fixture. Although the Chiefs came out with a win, fans did not take Patrick Mahomes’ celebratory antics kindly.

The Chiefs quarterback faced intense backlash for his post-game celebration, with many fans dubbing it “cringe.” Mahomes’ underwhelming performance and the dazzling display put on by his counterpart, Zach Wilson of the New York Jets, seemed to have sparked the reaction from fans.

Patrick Mahomes gets torched by NFL Twitter for “Cringe” celebration

Mahomes had a rather forgettable outing during the Jets vs Chiefs matchup. He struggled to find his rhythm, completing just over 60% of his passes and throwing a surprising two interceptions. This uncharacteristic performance left Chiefs fans and NFL enthusiasts alike perplexed, as they had grown accustomed to witnessing Mahomes’ magic on the field.

After a play, Mahomes was seen opening arms to invite the adulation of his fans. Netizens were quick to jump on and unleashed a barrage of comments on this celebration with one user calling it “cringe.”

Adding fuel to the fire of the criticism was the brilliant performance delivered by Jets young quarterback, Zach Wilson. The youngster from the New York Jets displayed remarkable poise, accuracy, and decision-making, outshining his more established counterpart. Wilson threw for two touchdowns and zero interceptions, earning the admiration of fans and analysts alike. His performance was the only thing that kept the Jets in contention right till the final quarter.

The “Cringe” label attached to Mahomes’ celebration serves as a reminder of the high expectations that come with being a superstar in the NFL. Fans and analysts hold these players to a higher standard, and any deviation from excellence, especially when juxtaposed with a standout performance from an underdog like Zach Wilson, can result in harsh criticism.

Mahomes vs Wilson- game by numbers

In the game against the Kansas City Chiefs, Zach Wilson dominated the proceedings over Patrick Mahomes, leading him in all but one stat throughout the matchup. It was a glowing performance that earned him the respect of fans and experts alike.

With a 71.8% pass completion rate, Wilson outperformed Mahomes by a lot. The only thing that let him down was his team’s catching efforts, ultimately leading to a close 20-23 defeat. As one user rightly pointed out, “This L wasn’t on you Zach. You went toe to toe with the [Goat] and there was too many dropped balls.”

“I thought he was really good,” Jets head coach Robert Saleh said. “Gave us a chance to win the game, brought us back. If he plays like that, we’re gonna win a lot of football games.”

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