Cristiano Ronaldo takes active role in enhancing new free-to-play football game, joining $40 million investment

Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the greatest soccer players and athletes on the planet, earning millions of dollars. He is highly paid and wanted by the top brands, owing to his huge marketability.

The Portuguese striker is also a true businessman at heart, having many dealings in various sectors. He owns a hotel chain and his own CR7 brand, dealing with perfumes, clothes and such. The Al Nassr forward did receive a lawsuit regarding a partnership with Binance. He has now decided to invest his money in a new sector in order to further boost his economic enterprise.

Cristiano Ronaldo becomes investor in UFL Football Game

Cristiano Ronaldo has now joined forces with a group of investors to develop a new soccer based video game named UFL. They will combinedly invest a total amount of $40 million to help make it.

While his main contribution is the economic side, it is no question that Ronaldo’s mass appeal and fanbase will massively help the game get recognition. He will also be involved with the team to make the game as realistic and good as possible. In a statement, he said, “I’m thrilled to be a part of this project as UFL can become the new breed in football (soccer) gaming.” 

Strikerz Inc. is the brand behind the game, and they will be responsible for the game’s release. There has been no official release date for the game yet, but it has been assured by the developers that the testing phase will start soon. It will be a free to play game, with no mandatory payments or subscriptions, and will have regular updates and features installed.

The game will directly rival the two most popular soccer video games, the EA Sports FC franchise, and the eFootball franchise. The former is the most popular soccer and sports game, while the latter has Ronaldo’s eternal rival Lionel Messi as it’s ambassador.

Cristiano Ronaldo dives into Saudi business scene

As said before, Cristiano Ronaldo is a true businessman who sees opportunities everywhere. His Pestana CR7 hotel brand is one of these remarkable investments, and he has hotels everywhere in the world, which include two branches in Portugal, one in Spain, one in the USA and one in Morocco.

The 38 year old is now expected to open a new branch of his growing hotel enterprise. A 6th hotel is expected to be opened in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, though no official reports have come out. Considering his influence at Saudi club Al Nassr, and his massive help in them winning the bid for the 2034 World Cup, he may be allowed to open a new hotel there.

For now, Cristiano Ronaldo will focus on Al Nassr, with their next match against Al Ettifaq on Saturday, as their bid to win the Saudi Pro League continues.

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