Dakota Kai Injury Update: WWE star provides speculated return date following appearance on Payback

Injuries in WWE have been a common occurrence for decades, and they have often derailed the careers of rising superstars who sustain injuries while executing moves. Female WWE superstar Dakota Kai is one such example.

Dakota has been sidelined for months due to an ACL injury suffered during a tag team match with Bayley against Liv Morgan and Raquel Rodriguez. However, the female star has vowed to make her comeback at the beginning of the upcoming year.

Dakota Kai Injury Update

WWE female superstar Dakota Kai shared an injury update Monday through her “charliegirl” Twitch channel. Kai is healing from a torn ACL that she sustained during the May 17 edition of WWE SmackDown, when she and Bayley were fighting against the then WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions Liv Morgan and Raquel Rodriguez. A week after the incident, Kai underwent significant surgery.

“Probably, 2024 I do think it’s funny that a lot of people are like, ‘She’s not injured at all, look at her walking around with ACL injury, it’s like I haven’t even learned how to jump and run again yet. I think I’m going to start running this week. ACL recovery, especially for someone who is in sport or something like that, where you use your legs a lot. If I was a desk worker or something like that, I would be back to work properly, like fully now, but because it’s wrestling I won’t be clear until January.” Kai answered after she was asked when she’d be wrestling again.

How did Dakota Kai get injured?

Since her debut, Dakota Kai has made a name for herself in WWE. She initially began her journey with WWE through NXT, NXT UK, and the Mae Young Classic. Unfortunately, she was released on April 29, 2022. Fortunately, Dakota was re-hired as soon as Triple H took over the creative direction of WWE.

Earlier this year, Dakota Kai’s career took a bad turn. The Samoan female star was involved in a tag team match on the May 12 episode of WWE SmackDown, teaming up with her Damage CTRL stablemate Bayley against Liv Morgan and Raquel Rodriguez. During the match, a situation arose when Liv suffered an injury.

Shortly after Morgan’s injury, Dakota ended up tearing her ACL. This serious leg injury immediately sidelined her, and she underwent major surgeries. Since then, she hadn’t been seen in the ring until now. Despite this setback, Dakota Kai is working hard for a comeback. She recently revealed that 2024 is “about to be crazy” as she plans to return to the ring.

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