Damage CTRL’s hidden member Dakota Kai has one word for Bayley after her betrayal on WWE SmackDown

Since Bayley’s victory in the 30 Women Royal Rumble match last month, she has been engaged in a war with the members of her former faction, Damage CTRL. The attacks on Bayley persisted, especially after she selected Iyo Sky as her opponent for the WWE Women’s Championship at WrestleMania 40.

With Dakota Kai’s return to WWE, it appeared that Bayley had gained support in her battle against Damage CTRL. However, Bayley faced yet another betrayal when her partner, Dakota Kai, turned against her during a tag team match on today’s episode of SmackDown.

Dakota Kai betrays Bayley on WWE SmackDown

The rivalry between Bayley and Damage CTRL took a dramatic turn on the February 9, 2024, episode of SmackDown when Dakota Kai made a surprising return, intervening to save Bayley from a brutal assault by Damage CTRL. This intervention led to a tag team match, and in today’s SmackDown episode, Bayley and Dakota Kai teamed up to face the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions Asuka and Kairi Sane, the Kabuki Warriors.

The match received huge applause from WWE fans, as the fans in the arena were delighted to see Dakota Kai in the ring after a long time. However, towards the end of the match, when Bayley attempted to tag Kai, she shockingly refused, leaving Bayley bewildered.

Dakota Kai
via WWE

In a stunning turn of events, Kai not only declined to tag in Bayley but instead joined forces with the Kabuki Warriors in a vicious assault against Bayley. WWE fans were left in disbelief witnessing Dakota Kai’s betrayal, as they had hoped to see her align with Bayley.

This betrayal isn’t the first instance of Kai turning on her own teammate. In 2019, Kai was part of Team Ripley, led by Rhea Ripley, in a match against Team Baszler, led by Shayna Baszler. However, Kai shocked everyone by attacking her teammate, Candice LeRae, even before the match began.

Dakota Kai rejoins Damage CTRL

Following today’s episode of SmackDown, Dakota Kai took to Twitter and shared a backstage photo with Damage CTRL. Kai posted a photo of her with Damage CTRL and wrote, “Cry.” Kai’s heel turn has shocked and angered many fans and as a fuel to fire she added a one word, “cry” to make them further angry.

Dakota Kai, after teaming up with the Damage CTRL in 2022 had only a short run with the faction. Things took a dark turn for Kai in May 2023, when she suffered a devastating ACL injury during a match on SmackDown.

While originally expected to team up with Bayley against IYO SKY, Kai instead turned against her own teammate. Despite the lack of explanation for her betrayal, Kai is poised to become one of the most dominant members of Damage CTRL and will surely be a threat for Bayley.


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