Damian Lillard gets slammed with “looking like the biggest celebrity in the state” despite a warm welcome upon arrival

Damian Lillard’s arrival at the Milwaukee Bucks after being traded from the Portland Blazers has been talk of the NBA community for quite some time now. Fans and analysts have acclaimed the move as a blockbuster one which will see Lillard pair up with Greek Freak Giannis Antetokounmpo.

While Damian has found himself in the spotlight once again, however, this time it was not for his exceptional skills on the basketball court. Local media were quick to highlight that the player seemed out of spirits despite receiving a warm welcome upon his arrival.

Despite warm greeting, Damian Lillard seemed depressed

The Bucks organization went all out to greet Damian Lillard with a huge crowd to welcome the PG but fans were quick to point out his “gloomy” looks upon touchdown.

Lillard, known for his unwavering dedication and loyalty of 11 years for the Portland Blazers, seemed visibly depressed despite the excitement surrounding his arrival.

Speculations arose among fans and media, questioning the reason for his gloomy demeanor. Some wondered if he was carrying the weight of the expectations placed on him by the Milwaukee Bucks franchise, while others speculated about off-court personal issues. There were talks about him going to the Miami Heat earlier which swiftly collapsed and his dream of joining the Eastern Conference champion was left unfulfilled.

Meanwhile, the Milwaukee Bucks became serious about the idea of adding Damian Lillard to their roster, believing that pairing Lillard with Antetokounmpo would serve as a huge bonus moving forward this season. As he was warm-heartedly greeted by the fans, the same excitement and joy didn’t reek from Dame’s side as some portrayed him as much of a “Celebrity in the state”.

Potential benefits for Bucks following Damian’s inclusion

The inclusion of Damian, a highly skilled and experienced player, into the Bucks’ roster brings forth a multitude of potential benefits for the team.

Giannis Antetokounmpo and Damian Lillard
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While the Bucks are already blessed with attacking prowess like Giannis Antetokounmpo and Jrue Holiday, Damian’s presence on the court adds a new level of offensive firepower to the Bucks’ lineup. His exceptional scoring ability and knack for creating opportunities could form a lethal duo alongside the team’s superstar, boosting their chances of scoring at will. Moreover, what he provides as a defensive upgrade for the Bucks, as he is known for his tenacity and ability to lock down opponents, could bolster the team’s defense and provide a much-needed boost in their overall performance.

There is a potential to elevate the team’s performance and make them a formidable force in their pursuit of success, but whether they jell in from the beginning to the end, is what remains to be proved to the NBA community.

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