Dana White shuts down Dillon Danis fighting in UFC: “We don’t need that sh*t to sell fights”

Dana White, in a recent appearance on the Full Send Podcast talked about Dillon Danis, the controversial personality in the world of combat sports. Danis came to prominence due to his association with Conor McGregor as a Jiu-Jitsu coach. Danis had an accomplished career in Jiu-Jitsu before his wayward lifestyle made him the butt of internet jokes. He recently lost a crossover boxing bout to Logan Paul after which he has been persistent on getting signed by the UFC.

Dana White shuts down Dillon Danis in UFC

Dana White, the UFC CEO recently made an appearance on the Full Send Podcast of the NELK Boys. During the interview, the topic of Dillon Danis came up which was brought up by Kyle Foregeard. However, White did not seem to be interested in the idea of having Dillon in UFC.

Even though Danis has a close relationship with “The Notorious” Conor McGregor, the UFC does not seem to be in for the idea. Danis has been very vocal in his ambitions and has even bashed other organizations citing UFC to be the best. Unfortunately for Danis, White has other plans and is not in for the controversy Danis brings in.

“Everytime he’s around, Shit’s going down, We can’t have that stuff going on here… We don’t need that sh*t to sell fights”, said White when Foregear enquired about Danis in the UFC. Apparently, Danis recently went after Nina Agdal, the fiancee of Logan Paul, and slut shamed her. His actions did have repercussions as he was hit with a restraining order and a defamation lawsuit by Agdal and Paul.

Nevertheless, the PPV event which was a double headliner of KSI vs Tommy Fury and Dillon Danis vs Logan Paul garnered more than $1 million in PPV. The number one factor for the big PPV was the controversial trash talk of Danis. However, there has been no confirmation available about the status of the lawsuit filed against Danis by Agdal and Paul.

Dillon Danis leaks his DM with Ian Garry’s wife

The MMA community was recently shaken by the controversy surrounding the marriage of Ian Garry to his much older wife, Layla Anna-Lee. The undefeated welterweight contender was recently ousted from the gym in Birmingham by Leon Edwards and his head coach, Dave Lovell. That was followed by the shocking allegations surrounding his marriage.

Ian Garry married Layla Anna-Lee and changed his surname from Garry to Machado-Garry where Machado is the maiden name of his wife. What makes the marriage shocking is the fact that she wrote a book titled ‘How to be WAG’ which was initially thought of as a book for gold diggers. Anna-Lee came forth and clarified that the book is a satire and has nothing to do with an older woman targeting a younger man.

Sean Strickland provided his two cents on the situation and tried to give advice to Ian Machado Garry but was met with a negative response from the Irishman. Now, Dillon Danis came up with a screenshot of a conversation he had with Layla Anna-Lee in 2018. That just added fuel to the fire as Jake Shields, a former UFC title challenger used the controversial remarks of Conor McGregor when he fought Dustin Poirier.

“If your wife is up in Dillon Danis DM’s you need to divorce immediately, Ian Garry is a young man and it is not too late for him to be saved”, Shields tweeted on X. The constant trolling on social media forced Ian Garry to make his X account private.

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