D’Angelo Russell goes viral for showing zero interest in joining Lakers huddle

D’Angelo Russell had a stuttering season so far with inconsistency outweighing his game winning performances. The Lakers guard again became the target of the ire of the Lakers nation on Thursday night when Nuggets came to play at the Crypto.com Arena.

With LeBron James and Anthony Davis trying their best to delay the probable, which after going 3-0 down looks inevitable, the rest of the starting lineup looked far from matching the seriousness of the playoffs.

In a viral footage circulating around the social media, D’Lo is seen sitting on the Lakers bench while the rest of the team is engaged in a huddle to get something going against the Nuggets juggernauts.

The 28-year-old seemed unfazed with his surroundings and munching down on something on the bench. With all the trade rumors surrounding him in the last window in February, D’Lo picked up form just before it and right after it and since the All-Star month his downward slide in terms of points per game continued.

After scoring 23 points in game 2, Russell announced his determination to silence the critics but now that has backfired in spectacular fashion.

D’Angelo Russell’s pre-game message backfires after scoreless show

Talking to Ros Gold-Onwude during an interview with SiriusXM NBA Radio, D’Angelo Russell discussed his mindset following game 1’s 13-point performance.

He said, “I’ve been dominating the season all year, so for me to have a game off when everyone is watching, of course it’s going to be magnified. You see what I did the second game, and I’m looking forward to doing it the third game.”

Now that proclamation before game 3 is coming to bite him back as he dropped a 0-3-2 stat line. After averaging 18 points per game during the regular season, his PPG in the play-offs has dropped to 12 after the shocking display on Thursday night.

With Nuggets bringing out the brooms on Saturday, D’Angelo Russell needs to pick the business up or he just might get swept under the bus that some have predicted.

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