Daniel Ricciardo sheds light on overcoming hand injury setbacks following 2023 Dutch GP

Daniel Ricciardo, had a stunning comeback at the US Grand Prix, defying the odds following a serious hand injury obtained in August of this season. He had to sit back, recovering in the hospital, during which Liam Lawson quickly took over as his temporary replacement for the team.

Many details about his injury are still somewhat uncertain for F1 enthusiasts. Hence, this article aims to briefly provide all the details regarding his post-condition scenario, unfolding his entire recovery journey.

Ricciardo details rehabilitation from Dutch GP injury

During the Dutch Grand Prix, Daniel Ricciardo crashed his Alpha Tauri severely at practice session 2, while making sure that he did not collide with McLaren’s Oscar Piastri. The Australian driver suffered a broken metacarpal in his left hand, incurring the heavy loss of not being able to participate in significant races due to his vital condition.

The whole incident required Daniel to immediately get medical attention, and he was admitted to the hospital. Later on, it was disclosed that the driver needed surgery to fully recover from the broken bone. Even after the surgery, medical professionals had to ensure that Daniel did not further encounter any problems from the surgery and advised him to stay for a while more to make sure that he was fully ready for a comeback on the grid.

He said to the media: “I would say [the recovery] was tougher than I thought, but I’m probably a bit of a wuss as well.

“When the accident happened, and we were aware of what bone broke, they seemed fairly okay with it in terms of “Oh, it’s a relatively easy one to kind of fix.’

“But when we got the surgery done in Spain, further checks were done and the break was a lot worse than it first seemed.”

Red Bull boss is impressed with Daniel Ricciardo’s F1 comeback

Christian Horner and Daniel Ricciardo share a very deep connection, as the Australian was once a very diligent Red Bull driver. Everyone has been flabbergasted by Daniel’s comeback, including Christian Horner. However, the team boss is certainly not surprised by his stunning performances, despite the lack of training during the recovery session.

After the collision at the Dutch GP, Horner was also asked about his opinions on Daniel’s condition, to which he proudly replied, “But he is still okay. It is good to see that he is still in good spirits.”

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