Days after Cody Rhodes remarks on Rhea Ripley and Jey Uso, WWE women’s champ reacts to fan-made art of her and former Bloodline member

Ever since Jey Uso left SmackDown and joined Monday Night RAW, Judgment Day have been trying to recruit the former Bloodline member into their faction. And on this week’s Monday Night RAW, Cody Rhodes made a sarcastic comment that hinted at Rhea Ripley being interested in Jey Uso.

Following his loss at SummerSlam and betrayal by his brother Jimmy Uso, Jey finally had enough and decided to quit WWE and SmackDown. However, a few weeks later he was brought back by Cody Rhodes, who moved him over to RAW. The former Bloodline member looks to make an impact on the red brand as a singles star.

Rhea Ripley reacts to fan-made artwork

After he moved to Raw from SmackDown, The Judgment Day gained a new interest in Jey Uso. They have been trying to get the former Bloodline member to join their faction. However, this week on RAW, Jey Uso declined their invitation and attacked the entire stable to join forces with Cody Rhodes.

Rhea Ripley had previously stated that Jey Uso was ‘trustworthy’ and was interested to have him join their group. This prompted Cody Rhodes to remark that maybe The Enforcer of Judgement Day was more interested in the former Bloodline member than Dominik Mysterio. This led fans on Twitter to come up with some artworks of Jey Uso and Rhea Ripley together, with the most famous one being Ripley hugging Jey.

Ripley took notice of the fanart and even retweeted the post with a skull emoji in the caption. She always engages with her fans on social media and takes all of their comments in good spirits. This particular instance was pretty hilarious, considering the context of the storyline between the two superstars.

Cody Rhodes remarks on Rhea Ripley and Jey Uso

On Monday Night RAW this week, Cody Rhodes came out to address the fans in attendance. In the middle of his promo, Dominik Mysterio interrupted him. Dirty Dom went on to talk about how The Judgement Day would dominate WWE once Jey Uso joined their faction.

Cody Rhodes, on the other hand, mocked Mysterio’s relationship with Rhea Ripley, saying that he is more into her than she is into him. He also said that Ripley seems to be more interested in Jey Uso lately, which Dominik denied, saying that they are a family. Mysterio then faced off against Rhodes in singles action, which was won by The American Nightmare with relative ease.

This hilarious comment generated quite the buzz, with several fans on Twitter creating fanarts of Jey Uso and Rhea Ripley together. These kinds of things are common in the industry, and the superstars concerned usually don’t mind them as much. Stay tuned for further updates on Jey Uso’s future in Monday Night RAW and his alliance with Cody Rhodes.


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