Days after validating his love for Real Madrid, Cristiano Ronaldo’s AI-powered voice fuels return speculation

Cristiano Ronaldo is considered among the Galacticos of Los Blancos and his contribution to the Spanish giant’s success surpasses any praise. Following that, he was also their talisman in various Champions League campaigns carrying the team on his shoulders. The iconic Spanish trio that demolished every obstacle in their path, Bale, Ronaldo and Benzema, (BRB) was among the most feared in the world and the Portuguese played a pivotal role in the same.

Ronaldo is now 38 years old, stacking his records in the middle ease, defying logic and science every day and the first ever to reach the 850 goals mark. When subjected to a Polygraph, the Al Nassir goal merchant confirmed his desire to return to Real Madrid and declared that the beautiful bicycle kick goal scored for Real Madrid against Juventus is his most memorable.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s AI-Powered voice amplifies comeback rumors

Cristiano Ronaldo’s longevity is one of the most coveted in football history. The Portuguese superstar is 38 and still going incredibly strong, scoring 12 record goals in 11 games this season for Al Nassr. He affirms this speculation when subjected to a lie detector and asked about his desire to continue into his 40s. However, could his later years be spent in Real Madrid’s white?

Cristiano Ronaldo

It’s widely known that the connection between Real Madrid and Cristiano Ronaldo has remained strong, even after their parting in the summer of 2018. Throughout the years, both sides have exchanged meaningful gestures and hints. However, in a recent interview, Ronaldo made a candid statement about his aspiration to make a comeback to the Bernabéu, leaving little room for doubt about his intentions. This revelation has excited fans, sparking anticipation for a potential reunion.

A recorded TikTok video where an AI feature matched Ronaldo’s voice, saying he would like to return to the Santiago Bernabeu, fueled the rumours of Ronaldo playing in a Real Madrid jersey again. However, it was the Polygraph that truly gained more attention.

Polygraph confirms Ronaldo’s passion for Real Madrid

As part of a marketing campaign for a cryptocurrency website, Cristiano Ronaldo underwent a lie detector test where he responded to a series of probing questions related to his soccer career. The 38-year-old Al Nassr goal machine had to answer questions on who he considers the best goal scorer, whether Sir Alex Fergusson is the best manager in history, and whether he’s ever googled his name.

Cristiano Ronaldo has scored several beautiful goals in his footballing career. Indeed, he is the first man on earth to record 850 career goals. When asked which of his numerous goals he considers the most memorable, the Portuguese icon brought Real Madrid into the picture, saying it is the stunning bicycle kick he netted for Real Madrid during the Champions League encounter with Juventus. His response was recorded; “For me, it’s the best goal. You can say it’s the most difficult… the most beautiful. It depends on so many things.”

Cristiano Ronaldo

When asked if anyone will ever beat his goalscoring record, Ronaldo admits that it will be difficult, perhaps impossible. He also subtly re-affirms his love for Real Madrid when he claimed that he would rather keep his European trophies, especially the Champions League and the EURO, rather than trade them for the World Cup.

All said, when questioned about his interest in returning to play for Real Madrid, Ronaldo responded with a smile, confirming his eagerness to wear the white jersey once more.


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