Days before starting 29th year as HC, Patriots’ Bill Belichick gives rare lengthy response to reporters query

There was a time when Bill Belichick and Tom Brady duo created a new dynasty for the New England Patriots. However, after Brady’s departure the team is losing its charm as they finished with a 8-9 record last season, and finished in the bottom half of the NFL in several categories in terms of offense.

Heading to their season opening match against the Philadelphia Eagles, Belichik is already having high hopes for the team, keeping Mac Jones at the helm. Meanwhile, his recent long response to a reporter’s question raised eyebrows of fans as the vet is famous for not delivering too verbose speech.

Belichick gives a 10-minute-long response to a reporter’s question

During a press conference on August 12, 2023, Bill Belichick was asked by a reporter why the team dedicates a position to an athlete specializing in snapping. The veteran started his answer reminiscing about the time when kickers and punters were also regarded as the position players in the NFL. He discussed the revolution of the long snapper position while shedding light on the difficulties of this spot.

“He not only has to snap, so that gets into whether you’re a blind snapper and you look at the rush and just snap the ball or whether you’re a look-back snapper and snap it. And then after the snap you have to look up and recognize what’s happened and make the proper block.”

The six-time Super Bowl champion also pointed out the importance of the long snapper in the NFL. He discussed how a bad snap can result in a turnover while a good one leads a team to get benefit in punting and field goal scenarios.

Bill Belichick prepares for new challenges in his 29th year as HC

Bill Belichick is gearing himself for his 49th season in the league and 29th as a head coach. After spending nearly five decades in the league, the HC was asked about his excitement for the upcoming season, and his answer was pretty simple.

“It’s what I do. I enjoy it. Beats working for a living,” he said.

Nevertheless, he has plenty of positive things to say about the Philly squad.

“Their front is a very dominant front. They’re the best pass rushing front in the league by, I’d say, quite a bit, with good depth. So they can roll those guys out of there pretty comfortably and bring in other guys that are just as explosive, dangerous. They have a great combination of power and speed in the pass rush front.”

Bill Belichick

Despite losing Javon Hargrave in free agency, the Eagles are expecting another potential good season after acquiring Jalen Carter. They were the first NFL team with four athletes with 10-plus sacks in a single season last year, and Belichick is already aware of his rival’s caliber.

Do you think that the Patriots will be able to secure victory over their mighty opponent in their first match? Tell us your prediction in the comments.


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