Decades after second retirement from Bulls, Michael Jordan reacts to iconic “Sirius” song in public

Michael Jordan’s career stands as a testament to a successful one. His 15 NBA seasons were filled with both individual and team glories. He spent several years with the Chicago Bulls before joining the Washington Wizards, where he eventually retired from his active career.

Many years have passed, but MJ is still closely associated with the team he won his six NBA rings with. A recent report claims he reacted to a unique and symbolic song related to the Bulls. This isn’t really surprising considering his years of playing for the team and what he has achieved.

Michael Jordan’s Nostalgic joy

Michael Jordan, the iconic Chicago Bulls legend, experienced a wave of nostalgic joy whenever he heard the iconic intro music, “Sirius” by the Alan Parsons Project. This musical connection between the legendary basketball player and the Bulls’ signature song is everlasting in NBA history. A video tweeted by Die Hard CB fans shows Michael Jordan reacting to the Bulls’ intro music. “Michael Jordan getting excited when he heard the #Bulls intro music”.

“Back in 1984, Bulls announcer Tommy Davis first heard “Sirius” while he waited for a movie to begin.” That’s how the enduring connection between them began. Its mesmerizing synthesizer riff and electrifying guitar solo resonated with him. Later, Neil Funk, the Bulls’ longtime radio personality and PA announcer, recognized the song and believed it could be the perfect fit for the Bulls.

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What made “Sirius” exceptional was its ability to create a spine-tingling, electrifying effect during the Bulls’ starting lineup introduction. The song’s dynamic composition, with its crescendos and guitar solos, perfectly complemented the anticipation and excitement of Bulls fans.

Michael Jordan, the heart and soul of the Bulls’ dynasty, would visibly light up when he heard the familiar strains of “Sirius” before home games. This musical connection became an integral part of the Bulls’ identity during their dominant run of six NBA championships from 1984 to 2003.

Why did Jordan Leave the Bulls in 1998?

Michael Jordan left the Bulls in 1998 for several reasons. He expressed his mental fatigue in a press conference in 1998, stating that he had initially intended to play more seasons but found himself drained by the end of the 1997-1998 season. He believed it wouldn’t be fair to his teammates to continue without the same level of motivation.

Although rumors circulated about Phil Jackson’s departure as a reason for Jordan’s retirement. Jordan clarified that even with Jackson’s return as a coach, he would have struggled to find the same mental challenge and motivation to continue. In the 1998-1999 season, Jordan faced a finger injury caused by a cigar cutter accident, requiring surgery.

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Phil Jackson‘s departure was an additional influence in his decision to retire for the second time after he won six NBA championships and five MVPs to mention but a few of his career achievements. In his last game with the Bulls in 1998, Jordan performed well against the Philadelphia 76ers. He retired, leaving behind an extraordinary legacy, and thanked the fans for their unwavering support throughout his career.

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