Deebo Samuel takes sly dig on CJ Gardner-Johnson after 49ers defeat Lions: “Somebody go check on lil bruh”

The San Francisco 49ers have achieved their long-held goal of reaching the Super Bowl following a closely contested victory over the Detroit Lions in the NFL Conference Championship. Before the nail-biting game, concerns loomed over the participation of star receiver Deebo Samuel, who bravely took the field amid injury worries.

Amidst the 49ers showcasing their remarkable comeback prowess during the game, attention shifted to the witty banter initiated by the receiver. Samuel seized the moment to playfully taunt the Lions’ CJ Gardner-Johnson for his unsportsmanlike behavior aimed at the 49ers fans.

Deebo Samuel taunts CJ Gardner-Jonhson

After the 49ers clinched a thrilling victory over the Lions, a viral clip featuring CJ Gardner-Johnson waving goodbye to Niners fans circulated online. In response to the viral clip, 49ers star Deebo Samuel couldn’t resist adding some playful commentary. He took to social media, writing, “Somebody go check on lil bruh,” while sharing the video.

The game saw an incredible turnaround, as the 49ers mounted a stunning comeback by scoring 17 consecutive points in the third quarter.

Despite the Lions initially leading with a comfortable 20-7 score, the tide turned dramatically, leading to a 34-31 defeat for the Lions. One of the standout moments was Brandon Aiyuk’s amazing 51-yard catch, setting up his own touchdown reception.

However, Samuel’s journey to victory was not without adversity, as he endured a cheap shot from Gardner-Johnson on a blindside block after a Brock Purdy interception. Hence, this victory holds special significance for Samuel, marking his first Super Bowl appearance in his NFL career. Despite a quiet first half, Samuel delivered a monstrous performance in the second half.

Deebo Samuel reveals how Brock Prudy almost scored a TD

Deebo Samuel shed light on a pivotal moment involving Brock Purdy in his post-game interaction with the reporters. The wide receiver revealed that Purdy was on the brink of adding another touchdown to his impressive running tally if not for an unfortunate collision between the two players during one of Purdy’s runs.

Despite his well-intentioned efforts, the collision prevented Purdy from reaching the end zone and capitalizing on the scoring opportunity.

“It’s just amazing because I don’t think too many people know how fast and elusive Brock is until he gets to running. I think I kind of messed up one of his touchdowns trying to get a lead block and he ran right into me and bounced off.”

In the NFC Championship game, “cost-effective” contract holder Purdy showcased his prowess as a dual-threat quarterback, tallying five carries for 48 yards. Three of those runs proved instrumental in the 49ers’ comeback victory, with Purdy demonstrating his ability to deliver clutch plays when it mattered most.

With the win, the 49ers are now on track to fulfill their Super Bowl dream for the first time since 1995. Meanwhile, the Chiefs are preparing to face them in an attempt to secure back-to-back Super Bowl titles.


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