“Delete this”: Paul Heyman irks NBA fans with comment over Kobe Bryant’s statue

Paul Heyman is the Wiseman of WWE, since a long time he has been part of the Stamford-based company and has guided a number of wrestlers to their maximum potential. WWE stars like Brock Lesnar, CM Punk, and Roman Reigns are well-known wrestlers who have received counsel from Heyman.

A short while ago, Paul Heyman took to social media to comment on Kobe Bryant’s statue, which was portrayed in a posture that acknowledges ‘The Tribal Chief’. Some fans are upset over the comment and have demanded ‘The Wiseman’ to delete his statement.

Paul Heyman offends NBA fans with Kobe Bryant statue remarks

Paul Heyman is known for his crazy remarks whenever any wrestler he is supporting gets the ire of people. Recently he posted on Twitter addressing the Kobe Bryant statue and praising its creator for acknowledging Roman Reigns.

He said, “Ladies and Gentlemen, my name is Paul Heyman, and on behalf of @WWERomanReigns, I applaud the WISE choice made by the statue creator who provided @kobebryant with the lasting honor of acknowledging our #TribalChief!”

This post on Twitter/X from Heyman offended some NBA fans, who later started reporting the post and addressed Heyman to delete it from his account.

Heyman has proven his loyalty to ‘The Big Dog’ multiple times. During an interview last year, he said, “I don’t think Roman Reigns should for one moment of his life be worrying about earning the respect of the WWE audience. Because what he has is their willingness to pay to see Roman Reigns whether they respect him or not.”

Former NXT champion teased as next Paul Heyman guy

Paul Heyman currently counsels the Head of the Table, and if that ever changes, then a former 2-time NXT champion is likely going to be his next choice. The ex-NXT champion, Bron Breakker, is speculated to be the next client for Heyman.

In the latest edition of Friday Night SmackDown, Heyman was seen interrupting WWE Chief Content Officer Triple H and having a conversation with Breakker. Paul hates the SmackDown GM. The 58-year-old was then seen attempting to shake hands with the ‘Master of the Steiner Recliner.’ After he left the Wiseman praised him saying “hell of a talent.”

Bron is currently not signed with any brand. Fans are expecting to see the athlete more in the main roster. Breakker proved himself a dangerous athlete when he made his entrance in the January 27 event of the Royal Rumble and displayed his superiority.

After Bron’s match in the Battle Royal, Cathy Kelley interviewed Bron, where he expressed his feelings and what he wanted with The Judgement Day. Bron said, “I feel very grateful right now. What an opportunity tonight was for me to make a statement, and I thought I did that tonight 100%. Things didn’t go my way, but I’m not done with The Judgment Day by any means.”

“I think tonight, I proved that I belong on the main roster. This is my home now, and I’m ready for the work. I’m ready to prove to my peers and to the people and to everyone out there who believes in me that this is where I belong. This is what I was born to do, and I’m here. I’m ready to go.”

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