Despite $700,000,000 required to become billionaire, Why is Lewis Hamilton dubbed the ‘Billion Dollar Man’?

However, becoming a billionaire through sports is a rare feat achieved by only a select group of elite athletes who have built a lasting legacy and transcended their sport to become global icons. In this mix are Michael Jordan or Tiger Woods to name a few.

Why is Lewis Hamilton called ‘Billion Dollar Man’?

Lewis Hamilton is a highly accomplished Formula 1 driver, earning him the nickname “Billion Dollar Man”. He has won an impressive seven world championships and is one of the highest-paid drivers in the world, earning a reported annual salary of $55 million. The Silver Arrows pilot also receives millions of dollars from endorsements and sponsorships, contributing to his estimated net worth of over $285 million.

Lewis Hamilton

The moniker “Billion Dollar Man” was given to Hamilton in recognition of his potential to earn a billion dollars from his Formula 1 and other business ventures. Although he has not yet reached this milestone, Hamilton is on track to achieve it. At only 38 years old, he has many years of racing ahead of him, and his continued success will undoubtedly lead to his billionaire status.

How much is Lewis Hamilton’s net worth?

Despite not having a billionaire status, this 36-year-old sportsman is among the most affluent in the world of athletes. According to sources, his career earnings amount to an impressive net worth of almost $285 million. He has been recognized by Forbes as the highest-paid F1 driver of 2021, with an estimated income of around $82 million. Notably, he is recognized as the face of various endorsements, including Monster Energy, Puma, IWC, Sony, Bose, Bell Helmets, MV Agusta Motorcycles, and many others.

Lewis Hamilton

Not just that. He is also a co-founder of Neat Burger, a vegan burger chain with locations in London and Los Angeles. The chain has plans to expand to other cities soon. Additionally, Hamilton is the founder of the 44 Brand, a lifestyle brand that focuses on fashion, music, and art. This brand offers a clothing line, a record label, and a production company.

Hamilton has a successful track record as a businessman and entrepreneur, and he is likely to continue expanding his business ventures in the future. What do you think about Lewis Hamilton’s business ? And do let us know if you think he can become a part of the billionaire club in the comment section down below.


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