Despite Aaron Rodgers being out with injury, Jets QB shares candid thoughts on how NFL referees can avoid mistakes during games

The New York Jets embarked on the season with lofty aspirations of reaching the Super Bowl after signing 18-season veteran Aaron Rodgers. However, their dream was shattered after only four snaps when Rodgers suffered a season-ending Achilles injury.

The Jets, playing without Aaron Rodgers, made headlines this season due to multiple questionable and incorrect calls by referees. In response, the Jets’ quarterback came up with an idea to prevent such pointless circumstances.

Aaron Rodgers provides ideas for NFL referees to stop making mistakes

The Jets arguably suffered more than any other club this season as a result of the referees’ incorrect calls. After the Jets’ Week 2 loss to the Dallas Cowboys, even the NFL sent an official apology to them. This continued as they faced Patrick Mahomes’ squad in Week 4 and experienced injustice twice. The referees once again undervalued Aaron’s squad in Week 6 when they refused to dismiss Josh Sweat of the Philadelphia Eagles for his blatant hit on Zach Wilson.

Aaron Rodgers seemingly pissed off witnessing these dramas. Instead of bashing the NFL, the 39-year-old instead found out about a solution that he shared recently during his weekly appearance on the Pat McAfee Show.

The former Green Bay Packers player urged the authorities to reconsider the paychecks of the referees. Mentioning the NFL as a “billion-dollar industry,” Aaron Rodgers claimed to increase the salary of the league’s referees.

“I could be wrong on this. I don’t want to spread any misinformation but I believe that there are some of the refs are full-time. You can fact check me on that one. But I do think that it would help to have them all full-time. I think, an increase in pay probably as well. It’s a really important part of our game. We’re a billion-dollar industry. And, you know, I think those men and women deserve to be paid appropriately.”

Soon after claiming it, the four-time MVP revealed his rationale behind it. The Jets player believes that if the officials are paid more, they will be more responsible for their decisions, and no team will be singled out for foul calls on the field.

“I think they need to be held accountable for how they’re refereeing. And there’s obviously incentives to referee the bigger games in the playoffs, championship games and Super Bowls based on your performance. It’s good that we have the extra official in the box to help them out with certain calls to avoid some of these unnecessary challenges.”

The NFL should give it some thought rather than having another team as a victim and seeking an apology from them. Most interestingly, the suggestions came from the players, who themselves agreed to reduce their contract amounts before signing the current deal with the Jets.

Injury update on Aaron Rodgers

Achilles injuries are often considered one of the worst injuries for NFL players. Typically, a player requires more than six weeks to rehabilitate from such an injury. However, Aaron Rodgers was spotted moving without crutches and throwing passes before his team’s upset win over the Philadelphia Eagles, just three weeks after sustaining the injury

Aaron Rodgers

Moreover, he said recently that he’s “obviously, ahead of schedule,” while adding that it was completely absurd to set a deadline for his return. 

Even though a number of prominent New York City doctors expressed surprise at his swift recovery process, the quarterback said that his first objective is to walk normally because he still limps.

“Just trying to get down to 100% walking as far as it looks normal. After that, I think that I will start to take a bigger jump. Once I can start walking normal in a shoe that is close, really close, then we’ll make a jump,” per the New York Jets.

Nevertheless, the Jet’s offensive leader stated his wish to return to the field this season. Do you think he will end up doing it?

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