Despite playing together for 10 years, Rio Ferdinand reveals why Wayne Rooney was the worst teammate in Manchester United

Rio Ferdinand has spent a lot of time in the sport of soccer, having played a long career as a very respected defender in England. He is known as a legendary figure for Manchester United and the England national team, having played 12 years for the former.

In all his years of playing, the Englishman has experienced lots of dressing rooms with many different types of players. Just days before, Ian Wright said that he was the victim of bullying once. And now Ferdinand has revealed his choice for the worst teammate, and it is a shocking one.

Rio Ferdinand labels Wayne Rooney as his worst teammate

So, it comes as a major surprise to Manchester United fans to know that Rio Ferdinand chose Wayne Rooney as his ‘worst teammate’. This is shocking, as both shared the pitch for 10 years and experienced much success together.

In a recent interview with the BBC podcast, he revealed it was mainly due to their arguments, with Ferdinand often trying to make Rooney a better player.

“The worst team-mate I probably had the most arguments with Wayne Rooney to be honest with you. Never came to blows, it was on the pitch. We never argued in training really, it was just match day, we probably argued once every two or three games, effing and blinding, screaming at each other because I wanted more from him.”

“I knew what he was good at and I knew he could do more. I’d want him to be more effective or something.”

Ferdinand did clarify that they never fought more than that, and they are currently on good terms. It was just him trying to get the best out of a player who had much more potential. Their fierce rivalry on the pitch shows why the Manchester United team was so competitive and good.

Rio Ferdinand and Wayne Rooney’s time together at Manchester United

Rio Ferdinand first joined the club in 2002, while Rooney would join two years later. The two would spend the next ten years together, during which time they won a lot of trophies, including multiple Premier League trophies and a Champions League trophy. Under Sir Alex Ferguson, they reached new heights and were vocal leaders in the team.

Rio Ferdinand
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Rooney eventually became the top scorer of the club, with 253 goals, which still stand to this day. Both players are also included in the prestigious Hall of Fame list. They also shared the pitch together for the England national team, though they couldn’t replicate the same success at club level.

Both of them are retired footballers now, with Rio working as a television pundit while Rooney is the manager of Birmingham City.

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