Doc Rivers kind gesture to ex-Bucks HC Adrian Griffin melts NBA fans hearts: “W coach”

The Milwaukee Bucks raised a lot of eyebrows when they made a bold decision to sack their successful coach, Adrian Griffin, and bring in Doc Rivers with hopes of better results and a possible championship.

Griffin was let go mid-season, and however you look at it, there is no denying that he built the foundation for the Bucks this season. The new coach replacing him seems to realize this, as he decided to honor him.

Doc Rivers plans to reward Adrian Griffin

The new Milwaukee Bucks head coach Doc Rivers recently announced that he plans to reward Adrian Griffin, the former head coach of the Bucks. It was reported that Rivers intends to give Griffin the All-Star ring and the Bonus that he would receive from coaching the Eastern Conference team in the NBA All-Stars game. He has received this opportunity because of the 33-16 record of the Bucks this season.

Rivers seems to realize that the positive record of the Bucks is not his to claim so he announced that he would reward the bonus and the ring to Griffin. He has taken on a very difficult task mid-season and Stephen A. Smith pointed out the seriousness of the situation he is in as he claimed that this job might be his last job in the NBA if he fails to have a successful run with the Bucks.

Doc Rivers
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NBA fans praise Doc Rivers

The NBA fans were impressed by the kind gesture of Doc Rivers towards Adrian Griffin and praised him on social media. One fan commented, “Well done, Coach,” showing appreciation for Rivers’ decision and his kind gesture towards Griffin, who is responsible for the record that granted Rivers the chance to coach the Eastern Conference team.

Another fan said, “W Doc” and accompanied his remark with a GIF of Doc Rivers. Another fan commented, “Doc Rivers gives another meaning to legend. It’s different,” classifying Rivers as a legend, which may be partly right given the extensive list of accomplishments of the current Bucks coach. While there are praises all over for Doc’s gesture, some people still don’t like that he is getting a chance to coach an All-Star team while losing all three matches since joining the Bucks.

What do you think of Doc Rivers’ kind gesture towards Adrian Griffin? We are eager to know your thoughts, so drop down in the comments and let us know.

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