Dominik Mysterio receives heartfelt message from Rhea Ripley after brutal defeat to GUNTHER on WWE Raw

Dominik Mysterio was defeated on the latest episode of WWE Monday Night Raw as he submitted to excruciating pain. Ever since betraying his father, Rey Mysterio, over a year ago, Dirty Dom has become one of the top villains in the promotion.

Fans consistently boo him out of the arena whenever he appears on stage. Given that Dominik is one of the most disliked people in the company, it should come as no surprise that fans eagerly anticipate his defeat, and it looks like tonight was that night.

Intercontinental Champions destroys Dominik Mysterio on WWE Raw

In the latest episode of WWE Monday Night Raw, Dominik Mysterio faced off against the WWE Intercontinental Champion, Gunther. Although Mysterio came out swinging, The Ring General quickly established his dominance.

The match began with Gunther putting Dominik Mysterio on a knee bar. Dominik retaliated by chopping Gunther, but it had no effect. Gunther then missed a chop, and Dominik took advantage by slapping him in the face. While the referee tried to hold Gunther back, Dominik did it again. This caused Gunther to chase Dominik outside the ring, but Dominik put JD McDonagh in Gunther’s path. Gunther then pushed McDonagh into the ring post.

Gunther attempted a chop, but Dominik intervened and pulled Gunther out of the way. As a result, Gunther’s hand smashed into the ring post. Dominik then grabbed Gunther’s other hand and slammed it against the ring post. Gunther rolled into the ring, and Dominik slingshot himself back into the ring and stepped on Gunther’s hand. Dominik then tried to perform a rope walk arm drag, but Gunther stopped him. In response, Gunther delivered a powerful chop that nearly broke Dominik in half.

In the match, Gunther chops Dominik, who ends up in the corner. Gunther rips Dominik’s shirt and chops him again. Gunther performs a Boston crab on Dominik when McDonagh climbs on the apron. Gunther knocks McDonagh off the apron, and Dominik drops GUNTHER out of the ring. Dominik hits a dive onto GUNTHER, trips him into the ropes, and looks for a 619.

However, Gunther counters with a lariat and goes for the pin. Gunther picks Dominik off the mat to break the count. Dominik counters a powerbomb attempt with a sunset flip, and Gunther kicks out. Dominik hits a 619, misses a splash, but lands on his feet. Gunther hits a shotgun dropkick on Dominik and a powerbomb. Gunther immediately transitions into a Boston crab, and Dominik submits.

Rhea Ripley backs Dominik Mysterio with a heartwarming message

On the latest episode of WWE Raw, Dominik Mysterio surprised Rhea Ripley by standing up to Gunther. Despite questioning his move, Ripley supported Mysterio heading into his match with the current Intercontinental Champion. Although Mysterio put up a fight, Gunther ultimately defeated him. The match ended when Dominik tapped out of the Boston Crab.

Later, Dirty Dom was seen receiving treatment backstage along with the rest of Judgment Day. During this segment, Rhea Ripley stood by his side in support. After the show, ‘Mami’ took to Twitter to send an uplifting message to Dirty Dom, writing, “No matter what the outcome, I will always be here to care for you.”

What are your thoughts on whether Dominik Mysterio will seek revenge for the humiliation he faced at the hands of Gunther today? Let us know in the comments below!

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