Dominik Mysterio shows off his Rhea Ripley kiss after retaining the WWE title

WWE superstar Dominik Mysterio was having quite a hard time lately as his Judgment Day stablemate Rhea Ripley was away from the ring due to an injury. At NXT No Mercy, Dominik unfortunately lost his NXT North American Championship title to Trick Williams as there were no Judgment Day members to help him during the fight.

However, with the support of his Judgment Day stablemates, he has regained his NXT North American Championship title on the latest episode of NXT.

Dominik Mysterio flaunts Rhea Ripley’s kiss stamp

WWE superstar Dominik Mysterio is again the NXT North American Champion after defeating Trick Williams on the latest episode of NXT. Dirty Dom regained the title just three days after losing it at NXT No Mercy. This win was very crucial for him, as his spot on Judgment Day depended on it. Earlier, Rhea Ripley warned Dominik that if he couldn’t regain his title, he might not come back to Judgment Day.

However, now he doesn’t need to worry about that as he has regained his title. Expressing happiness over his achievement, Rhea Ripley kissed him on the cheek after he won back the NXT North American Title.

Later, Dominik took to Twitter and uploaded a picture of his cheeks, where the lipstick mark of Mami’s kiss is still visible. The NXT North American Champion wrote “Mami 😘🖤,” in the caption of that tweet. Fans have replied to this tweet by mentioning Rhea Ripley and they are very happy with their chemistry.

Dominik Mysterio defeats Trick Williams

Just three days after losing his NXT North American Championship title, Dominik Mysterio fought Trick Williams in a rematch to regain the title on the last episode of NXT. Williams was cornered during the match as the whole Judgment Day faction was in the ringside and constantly interfered in the match.

The match was full of suffering for Trick Williams as he got belt-shotted by Finn Balor, sneak attacked by JD Mcdonough, and some serious moves delivered by Dirty Dom. In the end, Dominik secured his win with a frog splash. With this loss, Trick now holds the record for being the shortest reigning champion in the North American title’s history. The match outcome left Williams devastated.

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