Donald Trump leaves “biggest fan” Colby Covington out in cold after UFC 296 loss

Colby Covington, self-proclaimed as the biggest fan of Donald Trump, had the former US President cage-side to support him at UFC 296. However, it proved insufficient as Covington lost his third attempt at the title in the final PPV of 2023.

Leon Edwards utilized his superior striking to thwart any offense from Covington, who managed to win the final round of their five-round battle. Dana White had promised that if victorious, Donald Trump would place the championship belt around Colby Covington’s waist.

Donald Trump ditches Colby Covington

Colby Covington was a shadow of the fighter who fought Kamaru Usman at UFC 245 and UFC 268. Edwards put Covington on the back foot in the opening rounds and destroyed Covington’s right thighs with brutal kicks. Covington, the superior wrestler was even taken down by Edwards.

In the end, Edwards won comfortably with all judges having a 4-1 scorecard in his favor. Nevertheless, in his octagon interview with Joe Rogan, Covington was all praise for his idol, Donald Trump.

“Shout out Donald Trump! You can delay us, but you can’t deny us. He’s going to make America great again,” Covington said to Rogan who asked him a question related to the fight.

“We need these borders secure, we need inflation down, and we need America first again. Donald Trump’s the only one that’s going to do that. 2024 Trump,” Covington further added diverting the sporting side of things.

Unfortunately for Covington, Trump was not there to walk backstage as Trump along with Kid Rock left the arena midway through Covington’s speech. It needs to be noted that it may have been due to logistical reasons.

Covington explains why Trump wasn’t allowed for the walk out

Colby Covington was rumored to walk out with Donald Trump at UFC 296 but Covington clarified that it will not happen at the event. Covington spoke of it on the media day of UFC 296.

“We called the UFC and Dana and he said, ‘Logistically, Colby, it would just be too tough,” said Covington about the conversation he had with the UFC and Dana White.

‘He has almost a hundred Secret Service that comes with him and it would be too much mayhem to get you to the cage and get him there at the same time,” Covington further said of the reply from the UFC brass.

The presence of the Secret Service agent protecting Donald Trump made it difficult for the UFC to have a logistical solution. Nevertheless, Covington was greeted by Trump who was cage-side at the event with UFC CEO Dana White.

Nevertheless, Covington suffered a very tough loss in what is most likely his last attempt at title triumph. However, Covington has vowed to come back even stronger to win the title in what would be his fourth crack at the title.

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