Donald Trump once assisted CM Punk’s friend obtaining a WWE contract from Vince McMahon

Ace Steel, whose real name is Christopher Guy, was terminated from AEW due to his involvement in Brawl Out last year, where he allegedly bit Kenny Omega’s arm. Despite being rehired and working remotely upon Punk’s return, he was subsequently fired from AEW.

Having known CM Punk for an extended period, Ace Steel portrayed the former US President in a match against a “fake” O’Donnell, which was quite impressive. Recently, the 50-year-old man discussed how his performance that night secured him a deal with WWE.

CM Punk’s friend obtain a WWE contract thanks to Donald Trump

In 2007, WWE featured a storyline titled the “Battle of the Billionaires,” where Vince McMahon and Donald Trump each selected a representative to fight on their behalf at WrestleMania 23. The stipulation was that the losing billionaire would have to shave his head bald. Trump picked Bobby Lashley, while McMahon chose Umaga. Trump also had Stone Cold Steve Austin as the special guest referee.

Steel agreed and did a convincing impression of Trump, even wearing a wig and a suit. He got into a verbal exchange with McMahon, who slapped him and ran away. Steel chased him backstage, where he was attacked by Umaga. Punk and Lashley came to his rescue and fought Umaga. The segment ended with Steel, Punk, and Lashley standing tall in the ring..

On a recent interview in Wrestling with Rip Rogers, Steel said, “I got a one-night bonus from Vince and he loved it. A week later, I got a call. I got hired. I was like, ‘Really?”

Steel signed with WWE and was given the ring name Donald Mahoney. He remained with WWE until 2009 when he was released. Steel is a respected figure in the wrestling industry, renowned for his in-ring skills, coaching expertise, and close relationship with CM Punk. His contributions to the world of wrestling persist to this day, both in the ring and behind the scenes.

Will CM Punk be involved with WWE NXT?

CM Punk, the former WWE and AEW World Champion, made a surprise appearance at WWE NXT Deadline, a special event that aired on December 10, 2023. He interrupted Shawn Michaels, the WWE Senior Vice President of Talent Development and Creative, who was in the ring to welcome the fans and hype up the show. CM Punk was seen at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida last night.

Reportedly, he spent most of the day at the PC, working out with some of the NXT talent and coaches, as well as having a meeting with Triple H, the head of NXT and Punk’s former rival. Punk’s visit to the PC was kept a secret from most of the WWE staff and fans, as he wanted to make a big impact at NXT Deadline.

Punk’s involvement with WWE NXT is still unclear, as he has officially signed with RAW. Punk’s involvement with WWE NXT would be a huge boost for the brand, as he is one of the biggest names and draws in the industry. He would also bring more attention and credibility to NXT, which has been struggling to compete with AEW, WWE’s rival promotion.


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