Drake X-rated footage leak: John Cena flexes his pun game after Canadian rapper’s viral video comes to surface

A legendary babyface in the world of professional wrestling, John Cena is not only immersed in wrestling but also stays informed about the entertainment industry, including the latest stories about Drake. The renowned Canadian rapper, Drake, stirred controversy when a vulgar video of him was uploaded on the internet.

The Cenation Leader, known for his sense of humor, responded by sharing a photoshopped picture of Drake clutching a snake on social media, adding to the already heightened excitement.

John Cena leaves fans cracking up with Drake pun

Drake just released a new single last year titled “Wick Man” from his album “For All The Dogs Scary Hours.” Cena and Drake became instant internet sensations as a result of all the buzz this song has generated. But Drake got a different kind of attention when a graphic video of him appeared online on February 6. This led to jokes and parodies all over the internet.

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Drake seemed unaffected by the attention that he was receiving, as he casually shared a post from his private account as the issue continued to swirl. John Cena, renowned for his clever online presence, took advantage of the chance to participate in the discourse by posting a meme that poked fun at Drake.

Fans all around the world couldn’t stop laughing at the meme, which showed Drake’s face overlaid on the body of retired wrestler Jake “The Snake” Roberts, who was clutching a python. It is still unknown where the leak came from, despite the fact that it sparked conversations regarding Drake’s body.

Cena seemingly approves The Rock vs Roman Reigns

Wrestling fans worldwide have been going crazy ever since The Rock made his triumphant return to WWE. It was recently announced that Cody Rhodes will not be facing Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 40 despite winning the Royal Rumble.

Due to his tight relationships with both Roman Reigns and The Rock, John Cena felt compelled to share the controversy on Instagram. A quiet image of The Rock vs. Reigns’s SmackDown matchup was included in his most recent post. Many fans took to the comments section to express their support for The Rock or Cody.

John Cena
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With the #WeWantRocky hashtag, it was clear that some fans were rooting for a confrontation between The Rock and Reigns. However many accused The Rock of being self-centered and questioned his intentions to shadow Vince McMahon’s lawsuit claim.

Despite the controversy. John Cena still seemed to be endorsing The Rock vs. Roman Reigns in his caption-less tweet. The pre-Wrestlemania news conference was held in Las Vegas, and Rock was just there wishing the majority of fans would be informed about the approaching PLE event. Feel free to share your thoughts about the Rock Cody Rhodes controversy in the comments.

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