Drake’s high-stakes Super Bowl bet: What are the winnings from his $1.15 million bet on the Chiefs?

The Kansas City Chiefs have done it; they have secured massive back-to-back Super Bowl victories under the tutelage of Andy Reid and have established themselves as bigger and better than any other outfit across the country.

Super Bowl LVIII was one to remember for many reasons. Usher’s brilliant halftime performance, both teams going at it right from the first whistle, and the game heading to overtime after the four quarters could not separate the Chiefs and the 49ers. However, for the likes of Drake and a lot more high-profile celebrities, this Super Bowl was memorable for different reasons. Let’s find out.

How much did Drake win betting on Chiefs winning Super Bowl?

Pop sensation Drake is known for producing songs with mass appeal and being one of the most sought-after artists in the entire world. However, he has a penchant for betting on some of the major sporting events across the world, irrespective of the particular sport. Naturally, it was expected that the “One Dance” hitmaker would be betting on the Super Bowl, and that is exactly what happened.

The 37-year-old bet on the Kansas City Chiefs to lift the Super Bowl title against the San Francisco 49ers, and his bet came good as Patrick Mahomes and his band of merry men vanquished the Bay Area outfit to take the Lombardi Trophy back to Arrowhead for the second year in a row.

After the game ended, it was revealed that Drake had collected a mammoth $1.196 million in winnings from the Super Bowl. His initally wagered $1.15 million with the odds being 2.04 in the Chiefs’ favor. Total payout from the slip was $2.346 million.

As soon as the news of his win made its way to social media, users from around the country chimed in. One user commented, “Reassuring to learn that “it all evens out in the end.”

How much did other celebrities make betting on Chiefs win Super Bowl?

Just like Drake, there were plenty of other artists and celebrities from different industries who bet on the Super Bowl game between the Chiefs and the 49ers. Some of the notable names include social media personality Druski and famous gamer and Twitch streamer xQc.

Druski also shared a video of him celebrating after the Chiefs won the Super Bowl in overtime. He captioned the post, “Me and my fans just won a million!” expressing his joy in receiving the winnings.

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