Draymond Green gets brutally honest on his friendship with ‘least favorite NBA player’ Chris Paul

Chris Paul’s trade to the Warriors was one of the most surprising trades of last year, as no one really expected it. Now, his teammate Draymond Green recently expressed his views on his relationship with him.

Green is not the most humble player in the league; in fact, he is quite the opposite. He is sharp both with his words and his actions, and his remarks about CP3 might have stung the former Phoenix Suns star.

Draymond Green says Chris Paul was his least favorite NBA player

Draymond Green is a controversial star who has been making the headlines consistently. This time “The Point God” Chris Paul appeared as a guest on the latest episode of “The Draymond Green Show,” a podcast hosted by the Golden State Warriors star.

In that episode, Green talked about his thoughts on CP3 and tried to clear the bad blood between them that has existed between them before they became teammates. Green revealed that Chris was at the top of the list of the players he did not wanna play with.

Green reportedly said, “I am not kidding, God works in mysterious ways. One day My friend asked me sitting at a wine dinner, ‘Who’s your least favorite player in the NBA? Who could you not see yourself with? And I said, ‘There is a zero chance I am playing with Chris Paul. It is not happening.”

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Green then revealed that he soon got a call from Mike Dunleavy Jr. a few days later and received the news of the Dubs trying to sign Paul. “Two days later, I received a call from Mike and I was taking off, I was like, ‘Mike I’ll hit you when I land. I am flying.’ He was like, ‘It is a little urgent. You kind of need to know. We have got a chance to, bring in Chris Paul.’ And I was like, ‘Listen, Chris is a competitor. He is a dawg. He wanna win. He plays basketball the right way. We can figure it out. We ain’t been the best of friends, but we can sort it out,” said Green explaining how he convinced himself to let go of the bad blood and focus on the good.

NBA fans mock Draymond Green’s Chris Paul top-5 teammate claim

Soon after that segment on his show Draymond Green also revealed CP3 as his top 5 teammate that he has played with. He said, “…What I am certain of, is that you are in the top 5 in my list of top teammates… He represents everything that I could want in a teammate.”

However, this claim of Green is not being accepted well by the NBA fans, who think he is just trying to get on good terms with Paul. One fan highlighted that Green has only played with Paul for a short time and naming him as his top 5 teammates is kind of skeptical.

Another fan blatantly said that Green just said that to get on good terms with Paul. Another fan said that a year ago he also would never have imagined hearing those words from Green.

It has been around 6 months since the Chris Paul trade was made but as the trade deadline is approaching it has been rumored that the Dubs could trade him. If it turns out to be true it would be quite a shock to Green who finally made things good between him and Paul.

What do you think of Draymond Green’s statements about Chris Paul? Do you think that CP3 is in the top 5 players Green has played with? We are eager to know your thoughts, so drop down in the comments and let us know.

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