Draymond Green Suspension: After NBA approves reinstatement, Warriors star will return from 12-game suspension

The four-time NBA champion Draymond Green was suspended indefinitely and last played an NBA game on December 12, last year, which saw the player act out and cause chaos with Phoenix Suns’ player Jusuf Nurkic.

His actions were deemed unnecessary, and the league had no option but to rule the player out for an unspecified period. Green’s indefinite NBA suspension has officially come to an end after the NBA authorities made the decision to re-instate the player back into the league.

NBA end Draymond Green’s suspension

Earlier today, Warriors’ star Draymond Green was officially re-instated back into the league after the NBA officially released a statement which said that the player was effectively ready and fit for game activity.

Green’s indefinite suspension came after his vicious altercation against Phoenix Suns’ player Jusuf Nurkic which saw Draymond violently swinging his arms and trying to punch the Suns’ star over an argument during play. The incident which Draymond referred to as “unintentional” forced the league officials to step in and forced the player to let go of all basketball-related activity.

Green has had an awful track record for his behavior on the court and has been punished several times for it, but this is the first time the player received an indefinite suspension for his actions.

Draymond Green
Green’s altercation with Nurkic of the Phoenix Suns saw him get suspended indefinitely via USA Today Sports

According to the statement put out by the NBA, in his time of suspension, Draymond Green took the necessary steps that showed his positive behavior and also met with the appropriate authorities to engage in healthy discussions regarding the player’s problematic actions. Green’s suspension began on the 14th of December and in the said period, the player missed 12 games for the Warriors.

Draymond Green
In his time away, the Warriors are 7-5 via USA Today Sports

The NBA stated, “During the period of his suspension, which began on Dec. 14 and resulted in him missing 12 games, Green completed steps that demonstrated his commitment to conforming his conduct to standards expected of NBA players. He has engaged in meetings with a counselor and has met jointly on multiple occasions with representatives of the NBA, the Warriors, and the National Basketball Players Association, both of which will continue throughout the season.”

NBA Insider Shams Charania reported that all parties involved had been pleased with Draymond’s progress in the counselling sessions. Charania also reported that regular check ins with the player will continue through the season with the NBA looking to keep the player under their scrutiny.

Which team could Draymond Green face on comeback?

As Draymond Green is set to make his return to the NBA, it will be interesting to see how he is integrated into the Warriors’ lineup and against whom the Warriors’ star will play his first game.

During his 12-game absence, the Warriors had a record of 7 wins and 5 losses in which young star, Jonathan Kuminga took Green’s place in the rotation, who has been exceptional in the veteran’s time away from the team.

According to NBA Insider Adrian Wojnarowski, Green is expected to take at least a week in order to get ready for his game return, a time span which could see him miss about 4 games.

Draymond Green
The Warriors have missed Green’s defensive presence and will be eager to see him return via Getty Images

Green’s return is expected to have a crucial impact on the Warriors’ squad who are currently depleted and sit low in Western Conference. With his presence, the Warriors are undoubtedly an elite team who have solidified superstar presence on both sides of the court. An integral part of four championship teams, there is arguably no one better to spearhead the Warriors’ back into success.

With all things considered, Dubs fans can hope to see their beloved player return to action against the Memphis Grizzlies on January 16th.

Draymond Green
The four-time NBA champion is expected to miss about four more games for the Dubs via Getty Images

Steve Kerr and the Warriors will be eager to see the player make his crucial return after which they can figure out their rotations while also making a solid run for the NBA Playoffs which will take place later this year.

What do you think of the NBA’s decision to re-instate Draymond Green? Were the Warriors a better team without Green? How far can the Warriors go this year? We are eager to know your thoughts and opinions so feel free to comment below.

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