Draymond Greens mocked by NBA fans after kick straight to the crotch flattened Warriors star: “Got a taste of his own medicine”

Draymond Green continues to be one of the best players in the league, mainly due to his on-court skills. However, he has a long history of frequently kicking his opponents in the groin area. Despite his peculiar behavior, the four-time NBA champion has had an outstanding 12-year career since signing with the Golden State Warriors on July 30, 2012.

In a recent game between Draymond Green’s Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers, NBA fans witnessed what they perceived as karma in action following an incident involving the star forward.

Draymond Green gets kicked in the groin

Draymond Green seemed to get a taste of his medicine during the Warriors’ 115-104 loss to the Cavaliers, as the star forward got kicked in the groin area. Green was seen wailing in pain on the floor during a match against the Cavs, this incident was also confirmed in a video shared by Hoop Central on X.

Fans react to Draymond Green Instagram post of calling NBA 'Bias'
Draymond Green Via Getty

During the early minutes of the first quarter of the game, Draymond Green went up for a rebound and unfortunately got kicked directly in the groin by Cavaliers’ center Jarret Allen. The big man Green went straight to the ground and appeared to be in severe pain.

The NBA fans were rather joyful following the incident which Green himself is guilty of the same act several times. A fan openly stated that Draymond Green deserved the incident by saying, “Bro got a taste of his own medicine.”

Another fan acknowledged the incident as a familiar one by retweeting a reminder of Green’s involvement in similar situations. While fans are suggesting that karma has caught up with Draymond Green, they are eagerly awaiting to see the star forward’s attitude on the court in the future.

Previous incident of Draymond Green kicking opponents

Draymond Green in the past 11 seasons has been involved in several opponent kicking incidents, in which he has kicked a couple of his opponents in a matchup, which made headlines. Draymond Green kicked Steven Adams during the Western Conference Finals matchup between the Oklahoma City Thunder and the Golden State Warriors in 2016. Steven Adams was defending against Green when he flailed his leg in an attempt to draw a foul. The incident didn’t sit well with Thunder fans, who were hoping to see Green ejected from the game.

Fans react to Draymond Green Instagram post of calling NBA 'Bias'
Draymond Green Via Getty

Green was also heavily criticized by the fans for kicking the Kings’ guard De’Aaron Fox in 2023. Green had attempted to trap De’Aaron by the half-court line and inexplicably kicked out his leg. Furthermore, in 2016, Green kicked the Suns’ rookie Marquese Chriss’ finger just a few days after receiving punishment for kicking James Harden in the head. Green’s kick to Chriss’ finger caused significant damage, as revealed by X-rays.

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