Drew McIntyre re-signs with WWE, gets special gift from The Rock

Drew McIntyre has been one of the hottest commodities in pro wrestling for quite some time now. His contract situation kept a lot of fans wondering about his future with WWE, but that has now been put beyond doubt.

With his menacing heel run taking him to a new height, he is a must-have talent and WWE did exactly the same. On Instagram, The Rock announced the news that Drew McIntyre has signed a new contract with the Stamford-based company. The Final Boss also delivered the Scottish Psychopath a claymore which was supposed to be given to him personally, but some cheat meal stopped that from happening.

According to Fightful, Drew McIntyre’s new contract is a big-money, multi-year deal and was signed a few days ago. The video shared by The Rock was shot in advance, while the negotiation was in its final stages.

With his contract issue out of the way, Drew McIntyre can focus on his injury recovery ahead of the King Of The Ring tournament. His latest rivalry with former best friend Sheamus has escalated exponentially on social media, but his final boss can only be CM Punk.

Drew McIntyre keeps his story going with CM Punk

Drew McIntyre has been feuding with CM Punk for months now. Since the latter’s injury at Royal Rumble earlier this year, the rivalry only heated up further, which saw Punk costing McIntyre his newly won WWE World heavyweight title in just five minutes at WrestleMania 40.

A video posted on social media is going viral where CM Punk is seen signing a Drew McIntyre t-shirt. It did not evade McIntyre’s attention as the 38-year-old reacted to it with a Hulk Hogan GIF. Punk was seemingly surprised by the shirt but proceeded to sign it nonetheless.

With the 2024 WWE Draft set to continue on RAW next Monday, it will be interesting to see if the arch-rivals get separated or not, but one thing is for sure, a mega match is waiting somewhere down the line.


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