Dricus Du Plessis confident to KO Sean Strickland before UFC champion stabs him: “He said he will kill me”

Dricus Du Plessis has finally earned the opportunity to vie for UFC gold, a journey marked by his continuous remarks about former UFC middleweight champion Israel Adesanya. However, Du Plessis’s opponent in this quest will be Sean Strickland, and an intense rivalry seems to be brewing between the two fighters.

The beef that escalated at UFC 296 between Dricus Du Plessis and Sean Strickland started to show its color now as both fighters are exchanging intense words that can be the proof that one of them will cross the limits at UFC 297.

Dricus Du Plessis is confident enough to KO Sean Strickland

In a recent warning, Strickland advised his UFC 297 opponent not to cross the line before their title bout. Du Plessis, in turn, had earlier commented on Strickland’s childhood trauma. Since then, the UFC middleweight champion has remained in the headlines, even stating that he would consider killing his upcoming opponent if no apology is issued. Via ESPN.

Now Dricus Du Plessis has finally responded to the statement the UFC middleweight champion made about stabbing his opponent. DDP said that before Strickland gets the chance to stab him, he is going to knock him out on the mat of UFC 297.

“When this whole thing occurred, where he said, ‘If you do that again,’ he said he would kill me. He didn’t say to stab me. When he said kill, I said OK, you’re probably going to shoot me then. When I saw a knife, I was like, No, that’s not going to work. You won’t touch me with that knife. I’ll knock you out way before you get to stab me.” Via MMA Fighting.

As Strickland challenges Du Plessis to kill him, the latter assesses the situation. Du Plessis contemplates using a gun, but instead, he reveals a knife. Confident in his ability to secure victory, Du Plessis believes he will knock out Sean before any attempt to stab him will occur.

Dricus and Sean Strickland burry the feud

It looks like things are getting easier between Sean Strickland and Dricus Du Plessis, as both did something unexpected in the latest video of the UFC embedded section. Both Du Plessis and his girlfriend can be seen making their way to the hall, and they find out someone unexpected.

Sean Strickland, seated at first, rose in a gesture of goodwill and shook hands with his UFC 297 opponent after removing his cap. In a recent development, Dricus Du Plessis publicly declared his decision to refrain from commenting on the UFC middleweight champion’s childhood trauma.

Du Plessis assured Strickland that he could say whatever he wanted, emphasizing that he would not bring Strickland’s childhood into their rivalry again. This statement from Du Plessis likely followed their meeting, as evident in the latest episode of UFC Embedded.

What do you think the end of the war of words between Dricus Du Plessis and Sean Strickland will mean for the intensity of the UFC 297 main event?


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