Dwayne Johnson predicts NFL move incoming for Jake Bates after Michigan Panthers kicker nailed 64-yard FG

Saturday’s clash ushered in a new era for the Michigan Panthers as they debuted under the UFL banner. Emerging from the fusion of the XFL and USFL, the league now boasts a unified identity.

The Panthers had a solid start of the campaign as they secured a narrow 18-16 triumph over the St. Louis Battlehawks. Kicker Jake Bates emerged as the game’s unlikely protagonist, clinching victory with a remarkable field goal. Dwayne Johnson has a bold prediction for the kicker following his outstanding performance.

Video: Jake Bates scores 64-yard FG to secure win

Jake Bates of the Panthers etched his name in history with a jaw-dropping 64-yard field goal at Ford Field. He displayed nerves of steel by sealing the win for his team with just eight seconds left on the clock. Despite a timeout attempt by the Battlehawks to disrupt his focus, the kicker remained unfazed and delivered a game-winning kick that will be remembered for years to come.

Not only did Bates secure the Panthers’ first win of the season, but he also made UFL history by setting a record for the longest field goal ever made in the league. His remarkable feat puts him in an elite category, alongside NFL legends like Justin Tucker and Matt Prater, according to Bleacher Report. Tucker, who got embroiled in a pre-game beef with Travis Kelce last season, and Prater have achieved similar milestones in the NFL’s extensive history.

The fact that neither team scored until the last seconds of the first half made the match itself a textbook example of both tight defense and nervous moments. However, the Panthers’ determination was evident, as they showcased strong defensive statistics and executed strategic plays that ultimately led to Bates’ game-winning kick.

The Panthers now stand at 1-0 for the season. They joined the Birmingham Stallions, marking a triumphant start for former USFL teams against former XFL rivals in the UFL.

Dwayne Johnson lavishes praise on Jake Bates

Jake Bates has become the talk of the town following his remarkable field goal. It’s quite impressive that Bates successfully made his first field goal attempt since his high school days, making a triumphant comeback to the kicking game.

Dwayne Johnson, also known as “The Rock,” couldn’t contain his excitement and took to social media to shower Bates with praise. He hailed Bates’ extraordinary achievement and expressed confidence in his potential, even suggesting that the NFL might soon come calling for the talented kicker.

What makes Bates’ journey even more interesting is his unconventional path to professional football. He started his collegiate career as a soccer player at Central Arkansas.

However, the veteran later transitioned to football and served as a kickoff specialist at Texas State before earning recognition in the SEC while at Arkansas. He faced several setbacks, including a brief stint with the Houston Texans. But his perseverance and talent have now placed him on the brink of a potential NFL comeback.


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