Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson applauds co-star Rebecca Ferguson for standing up to ‘bullsh*t’ on movie set

Dwayne Johnson, renowned for supporting his coworkers, received praise for his response to Rebecca Ferguson’s accusations of harassment on the set of her movie. In addition to addressing the WrestleMania controversy, Johnson expressed his determination to identify the individual involved and handle Rebecca’s matter personally.

Johnson’s “Hercules” co-star recently shared her experience with a male co-star mistreating her on set. After learning of Rebecca’s accusations, the former WWE champion pledged in a social media post to conduct a thorough investigation.

Dwayne Johnson lavishes praise on Rebecca Ferguson

Rebecca Ferguson, best known for her role as Lady Jessica in the upcoming Dune: Part Two, has earned acclaim for her performances in critically acclaimed films, including the blockbuster Mission: Impossible series. Her latest project, Dune: Part Two, boasts a 96% score on Rotten Tomatoes, reflecting positive reviews from critics.

Prior to her current stardom, Ferguson appeared in movies like “The Greatest Showman” and “Hercules,” where she shared the screen with Dwayne Johnson. A recent viral interview clip featuring Rebecca has brought Dwayne Johnson into the spotlight for supporting his former co-star in navigating through the challenges.

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Ferguson made waves recently when she revealed in an interview that she had previously been harassed on set by an unidentified co-star, calling the person an “idiot.” People online started to guess who the actor was, even though she didn’t say his name.

Dwayne Johnson, who had previously worked with Ferguson on the film Hercules, rushed to social media to voice his support for Ferguson’s accusations and to show his sympathy for her efforts to handle the problem. Johnson underlined how important it is to speak out against the unfair treatment that occurs in the profession.

In which movie did Dwayne Johnson and Rebecca Ferguson work together?

Ferguson shocked everyone by saying on the show that she has vowed to never work with the unnamed co-star again. Many others suspected that it may be Dwayne Johnson, better known by his stage name The Rock. However, Johnson quickly responded on Twitter to dispel any rumors that he had mistreated his “Guardian Angel.” 

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Ferguson and Johnson had previously collaborated in the 2014 film “Hercules,” adapted from a graphic novel by Steve Moore. Directed by Brett Ratner, this iteration of Hercules presented a unique perspective on the mythical figure, focusing more on his humanity than his mythology.

Distributed by Paramount Pictures, the film premiered successfully on July 25, 2014. Despite a CGI-heavy prologue, “Hercules” proved to be an exciting and enjoyable summer movie, offering a fresh approach to the legendary exploits of the Greek hero.

Which mystery co-star might Rebecca be talking about in interviews? Share your opinion in the comment section.

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