Eddie Hearn criticizes Ryan Garcia’s championship path after King Ry shifted to fight Rolly Romero over Devin Haney

Ryan Garcia is creating not just controversies but big statements about his professional career. From facing a loss against Gervonta Davis to winning the bout at the end of 2023, his resurgence has once again made him the desirable opponent for the lightweight division.

Devin Haney, Ryan Garcia’s next opponent, was all set to make his mark by hyping their potential match-up. But Garcia’s latest statement on changing his opponent has halted the plans of the WBC super-lightweight champion.

Ryan Garcia wants to fight Rolly Romero over Devin Haney

Both acclaim and criticism were directed at Garcia when he made the dramatic U-turn in his second professional fight. Following Ryan Garcia’s tweet, where he wrote, “I’ve notified my team I’m going a different route. My intent now is to fight Rolando Romero. I pray my team backs me on this decision. Oscar, make this fight happen. That’s the move. BIGGER FIGHT, BIGGER BUSINESS. #GarciaRomero”- many boxing experts and even the expected opponent of “KingRy” showed his anger as he replied to the tweet with a warning.

Ryan Garcia did explain why he chose Rolly Romero over Devin Haney, stating Haney managed to bring in 35k PPV buys only in his last year.

Though the bout Haney was looking for was to shut down the rivalry once and for all, the 25-year-old intended to make his professional career grow faster. So, he might look into this 3-3 standoff rivalry fight some time sooner than later.

Eddie Hearn claims Ryan Garcia is taking the easy path, fighting Rolly Romero

The decision Garcia made about his next opponent was recently discussed by boxing industry heavyweight promoter Eddie Hearn. Hearn appeared convinced, although he had conflicting emotions about this sudden change of direction.

Eddie suggested that Rolly Romero would be a favorable opponent for Garcia, making his path to the championship fight more accessible. He also mentioned that he had been wrong in thinking that the 25-year-old boxer is dedicated to building a lasting reputation.

Eddie Hearn said, “Weird, really weird. I mistakenly believed Ryan Garcia was a legacy guy who wanted to fight the top guys for the championship. But I can’t blame him for what he’s doing; he’s taking the easy route to a championship.”

Heard’s reaction is understandable as Haney was always ready to make this fight happen. Even Garcia’s promoter, Oscar De La Hoya, was into making this bout happen, as he earlier claimed to make this rivalry end once and for all.

But it looks like the hangout move with Floyd Mayweather has changed the mindset of Garcia, leading him to take instant decisions in his personal life as well.

What’s your take on Ryan Garcia choosing the easy path? Do you think he will be in trouble after making this move on his next opponent?

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