Erin Andrews’ Lions-49ers NFC Championship outfit wows NFL community: “Fine aged Milk”

The NFL’s style quotient this year has been second to none. With stars like Taylor Swift, Olivia Culpo, and Jilly Anais regularly showing up to games, the temperatures in the bleachers during the games has been surely taken up a notch.

Adding to the heat is TV personality and sports commentator Erin Andrews. Her stunning outfit during the NFC Championship Game between the Detroit Lions and the San Francisco 49ers had NFL fans reeling across the country.

Erin Andrews amazes NFL community with gorgeous outfit

In the recent decisive clash between the Detroit Lions and the San Francisco 49ers, Erin Andrews began the proceedings with a mind-boggling outfit that stunned everyone watching the game. The outfit incorporated the element of chainmail, something that hasn’t been in vogue since the late ’90s.

The 45-year-old trendsetter looked comfortable in her design choices and pulled it off with impeccable style, earning admiration from the NFL community for her fashion sense. Twitterati burst into heaps of praise for the television presenter. One comment read, “Chain mail is back in style. Erin Andrews has brought it back,”

Another user quipped, “Why is Erin Andrews wearing chainmail? Is she going into battle?” However, some others were not a fan of Andrews’ design choices. “Erin Andrews is fine aged Milk,” commented one user on her photos.

Erin Andrews’ emotional message before potential Greg Olsen exit

Fox Sports lead NFL analyst Greg Olsen might call it quits after this season as he is rumored to be replaced by seven-time Super Bowl winner Tom Brady.

Olsen addressed these rumors by saying, “We’re gonna keep doing us, whatever team I’m on next year, whatever my future holds, wherever I am, so be it. I’m on the record about how much I respect Tom. I understand the situation.”

“He’s the greatest football player of all time. I get it. I understand what we all signed up for, but it is not going to alter one thing we do… all we’ve done is continue to deliver and the ratings and all metrics show it.”

In light of the potential exit, Erin Andrews and a couple of sportscasters came together to celebrate Greg Olsen’s time with the primetime channel. Andrews captioned the image, “Fellowship Forever,” signifying the love and respect she has for Olsen.

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