Ex-Mercedes’ Nick Fry drops Max Verstappen ‘s*** box’ remark amid F1 dominance praise

During the latest season, Max Verstappen delivered an astonishing performance that left many F1 experts in awe. The Dutch sensation not only secured his third title but also shattered several significant records, clinching an impressive tally of victories.

Despite the Red Bull driver’s remarkable achievements, there have been allegations that Red Bull designs every car to suit his driving style, providing him with an unfair advantage. Nick Fry, in a recent interview, dismissed these claims and instead praised Verstappen’s incredible skill on the track.

Nick Fry praises Max Verstappen for his F1 dominance

The CEO of Mercedes, Nick Fry, has a knack for searching for talent, which he has been consistently observing in the three-time World Champion, Max Verstappen. The Dutch driver has surpassed his humane abilities by dominating the entire 2023 season single handedly.

From clinching a total of 19 out of 22 races to surpassing numerous Formula One legends in terms of racing, the Red Bull driver has achieved all this success. According to the reports, he has still not broken Lewis Hamilton and Michael Schumacher’s records in the motorsports industry.

However, upon witnessing such talent on the grid, many non-supporters, along with his own teammate Sergio Perez, have been accusing Verstappen of having an unfair advantage while racing due to Red Bull’s RB19 being built according to his style.

According to Fry, Verstappen will continue to dominate other drivers even after he drives a much less competitive car, due to his rising potential, which is not bound to be halted in any way.

He said, “I heard someone say once, “If you can drive, you can drive anything.”. I don’t think it would matter if you put Max in a sh**box or a Red Bull car; he’d probably still beat the rest of them. He’s very adaptable. I don’t think it would change much, sadly.”

Experts pick Lando Norris to challenge Max Verstappen in 2024 F1

The upcoming few years will tend to be a lot more competitive, with other drivers preparing to surpass Verstappen now that they have witnessed his true potential on the tracks. One of them is McLaren’s star driver, Lando Norris.

Norris showed incredible pace last year by securing sixth place in the standings, although the team had a gruesome start in the previous season before their car updates were introduced. By witnessing McLaren’s incredible pace, many F1 experts, including Eddie Jordan, have emphasized the fact that only Lando Norris and Oscar Piastri could be the strongest rivals of Max Verstappen for the upcoming 2024 season.

The Dutch driver has also acknowledged his skills by stating that, in the near future, Norris could be the one driver to potentially win the races in the next few years. He said, “I would choose Lando [Norris]. He’s still young, with a long career ahead of him. And he can also be very, very fast.”

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