Ex-Rugby star Louis Rees-Zammit lands in Kansas City with Chiefs three-year NFL deal

Every year, the NFL springs quite a few surprises throughout the season. From the looks of it, the festivities began early with the rule changes, and there is a lot more in store for every franchise. In order to gear up with the new kickoff format, teams are gearing up in different ways to tackle the situation to the best effect.

As for the Kansas City Chiefs, they are looking to tackle the problem in the best possible way by recruiting new international talent. The Super Bowl winners look on track to repeat their exploits from last year by bringing in rapid athletes within their ranks.

Chiefs signs Louis Rees-Zammit to the team

In pursuit of the ever-elusive three-peat, the Kansas City Chiefs have roped in Welsh athlete Louis Rees-Zammit within their ranks as their newest RB. The 23-year-old has lit up the European gridirons with his electrifying pace and ability to dodge any opponent. Now under the tutelage of Andy Reid and playing alongside the likes of Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce, the youngster is bound to excel and create an identity for himself.

As soon as the news of his recruitment hit social media, netizens from the NFL community unleashed a barrage of positive comments under the post. One user said, “Andy Reid bout to turn Him into Christian McCaffrey,” while another quipped, “You’ve just gained the whole of wales as fans.”

How will new NFL kickoff rule help Chiefs, Louis Rees-Zammit?

Louis Rees-Zammit’s background in rugby, coupled with his raw athleticism and speed, could make him a valuable asset for the Kansas City Chiefs in navigating the new kickoff rule. With the kickoff resembling aspects of rugby’s open-field play, Rees-Zammit’s experience and skills could translate well to special teams.

According to Whiskeyriff, his ability to read the field, evade tackles, and exploit open spaces could make him an effective return man. Additionally, his agility and toughness could help him excel in the physical battles at the line of scrimmage, akin to a rugby scrum. Overall, Rees-Zammit’s unique skill set and adaptability may allow him to make a significant impact on kick returns, potentially swinging the outcome of games in the Chiefs’ favor.

What are your thoughts on the Chiefs signing Louis Rees-Zammit? Do you think he is going to be an instant hit with the fans? Let us know in the comments below.


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