Ex-WWE and UFC star Matt Riddle highlights similarities between Dana White and Vince McMahon: “You might hate it”

Many former UFC fighters have tried to transition to WWE, but their endeavors have largely been unsuccessful. Notable fighters like Cain Velasquez have made the leap. Recent reports indicate that Vince McMahon’s company has severed ties with Matt Riddle.

Riddle is former UFC welterweight fighter who transitioned to WWE in 2013. With experience under both Vince McMahon and Dana White, Matt Riddle sees them as successful businesspeople who steadfastly pursue their goals and strategies.

Matt Riddle on Dana White

Matt Riddle may not have reached the level of fame as Ronda Rousey, but he did attract some attention in WWE. Wrestlers transitioning from mixed martial arts to WWE often didn’t receive significant attention, with Ronda being a notable exception. Reports suggest WWE is cutting expenses, which could explain Riddle’s departure.

Dana White did not regret the decision to release Riddle from the UFC roster in 2013. Riddle debuted with the UFC in 2008, but after two victories were nullified due to adverse marijuana tests, he was let go. Before retiring from mixed martial arts, he held a record of 8 wins, 3 defeats, and 2 no contests in his brief time competing for Bellator and Titan FC.

Matt Riddle
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Winning the WWE United States Championship was a big deal for Riddle, although he never became a prominent figure in WWE. Following the merger of WWE and UFC last year, he has co-worked with Dana White at TKO Group Holdings, and he recently spoke about this.

About White, he said, “Dana White is the same way. He has his business, and he wants it run a certain way, he’s not going to say like a lot of the boxing they have random fights that shouldn’t even be happening but they draw a little bit, Dana won’t do it.”

Matt Riddle talks on the relationship with Vince McMahon

In addition to discussing UFC executives, Matt Riddle also spoke about the head of TKO Group Holdings. Riddle mentioned that Vince McMahon is highly self-assured and proud of his wrestling narrative. According to Riddle, McMahon is the kind of guy who would showcase the story on film without caring whether it’s good or horrible or if people care or not.

Riddle said, “When Vince has a story he tells the story. It doesn’t matter what anybody says online, it doesn’t matter what people say in the back, that’s his story that’s how he’s going to run his ship, that’s how it’s done. You might like it, you might hate it, that’s the point.”

Matt Riddle
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During their conversation, Riddle said that he doesn’t think the former WWE Chairman cared about him at first. To elaborate on the relationship with Vince, Mattew said, “Once Vince let me in and then I made him laugh all the time. Most people when they see Vince, they ask him for something. I don’t think I ever asked Vince once. I just said thank you for the opportunity and I apologized if I messed up.”

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