F1 champ Max Verstappen brings humor to Abu Dhabi GP with Red Bull stickers on Charles Leclerc’s overalls

Red Bull lion Max Verstappen and Ferrari’s hero Charles Leclerc may be rivals on track, trying to get a better result during races and compete for the driver’s championship, but off track they are great friends. Charles and Max have shared a fond rivalry ever since their karting days and the deep bond can be seen during race weekends.

Setting aside the competition for winning the prestigious titles during the 2023 season, the Formula 1 paddock was engaged in a funny war of its own. Teams like Ferrari and Red Bull were very active in this little fight, giving the fans a good show.

Max Verstappen’s playful moment with Charles Leclerc

The entire F1 paddock is engaged in sticker wars and we could find random team stickers everywhere, in the most unexpected places. Almost every team was trying to prove its sticker supremacy, and the fever finally caught up to longtime teammates Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc too.

Max Verstappen was seen frolicking around with Charles Leclerc, pasting stickers over his suit and trying to escape the same fate. It gave viewers much-awaited entertainment after the stressful 2023 season, which found every driver on the edge of their seats trying to beat Max Verstappen somehow. Max Verstappen came up behind Charles to give him a friendly pat on his back, but on a closer look, we could find a small Red Bull clinging to Charles’s overalls after Max successfully completed his prank.

Scuderia Ferrari posted a video of their moment and Charles was able to get his revenge through a similar pat on Max Verstappen’s back.

Max Verstappen
F1 Sticker championship via YouTube

Verstappen throws shade at Leclerc with witty remark after F1 penalty

Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc were engaged in an intense first-lap battle during the opening laps of the Las Vegas GP. While trying to take the lead from Charles, who had started from pole, Max ended up gathering a 5-second penalty. It was one of the many incidents between the duo over these years but fans couldn’t help but remember a long-standing joke in the F1 community.

Max Verstappen
rivals on track, friends off track via GPBlog

Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc’s post race banter referenced this joke when they called their tussle an ‘inchident’. Their witty conversation was a reference to an old interview between Charles Leclerc and Max Verstappen during their karting days. In a similar situation, Max was talking about how Charles left him no space but Leclerc retorted by claiming, “Nothing, it was just an inchident on the race track.” Charles’s accent heavy ‘inchident’ has been a go to word among fans for any kind of racing battle between the Max and Leclerc.

Max and Red Bull are currently in a tough situation due to the remarkable season they had but their dominance may come to an end in 2024. Are you wondering when the 2024 season will start, or are you more interested in the pre-season tests going on right now? We love to know all about your opinions, so drop them in the comment section below.


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