F1 presenter raises questions about age concerns in potential Max Verstappen-Fernando Alonso partnership

Fernando Alonso, one of the oldest players in the F1 industry, is still a thrilling driver despite being challenged by his age. The driver has an old history with the sport, as he won the series’ World Drivers’ Championship in 2005 and 2006 with Renault. He has also driven for other renowned teams such as  McLaren, Ferrari, etc.

Alonso has a lot of experience, while Max Verstappen is the king of this Formula One generation; hence, the duo has received a lot of attention recently, with the possibility of two of them teaming up.

F1 presenter weighs in on Verstappen-Alonso dream team possibility

Fernando Alonso has done outstanding work recently, including podium finishes at the 2023 Monaco, Canadian, and Dutch GPs. The Spaniard has seen a lot of trends changing in the sport and has still somehow managed to cope with the constant change in the sport.

There has been news spread about Sergio Perez’s replacement, as his contract will finish in 2024. The Mexican’s clumsy performances received a lot of criticism, as Verstappen single-handedly led the team this time with almost no contributions from Perez.

Fernando Alonso and Max Verstappen
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This has pushed Red Bull to look for Verstappen’s F1 2024 teammate elsewhere this time.

On Ziggo Sport’s ‘Race Café’, Kamphues has spoken about the duo as per GP fans, with a possibility of both of them paring up. He stated: “Surely he is a touch too old, with all due respect,” said Kamphues of Alonso.

“I would love it. I am a fan of Alonso, but I don’t see it happening.”

How long has Fernando Alonso been in F1?

Fernando Alonso’s career begun with Mirandi back in 2001. The following year, he was appointed as a test driver for Renault, where he eventually went on to win back to back world championships in 2005 and 2006.

He has been switching teams from McLaren to Ferrari since 2007. The Spaniard almost won a World Championship in 2010 as he moved to Ferrari. Although 2011 was an utterly disappointing year for Alonso, the driver had a tight battle with Sebastian Vettel and nearly won the Championship.

Everyone thought they had seen the Spaniard’s end in 2018 when he announced his retirement. However, Alonso returned to the game much stronger and joined Alpine, moving to Aston Martin in 2023.

Fernando Alonso has been a motivational model for many young drivers, as his immense passion for the sport was visible after he came back to the sport in 2021, having the seventh-most wins of any Formula One driver with 32 wins. 

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