F1 stewards once penalized Max Verstappen for bizarre crash with Lewis Hamilton

Formula 1 has gained a name for its increasing incidents and persistent uncertainties, often giving rise to dramatic clashes on various tracks, regardless of the safety precautions. One such notable incident occurred at the Interlagos Circuit, where a fierce confrontation unfolded between two titans of the sport, Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton.

This highly publicized clash had been brewing in the media for weeks before the event, capturing the attention of the media and fans worldwide.

When Max Verstappen was fined for an unusual Lewis Hamilton crash

In the 2022 Brazilian Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen were involved in a huge crash, for which the Dutch driver was heavily fined. At the Brazilian Grand Prix, upon the safety car’s withdrawal into the pits during the restart, Lewis Hamilton and Verstappen had a huge crash on the Interlagos Circuit.

After the incident, the commissioners penalized the Dutch sensation with a five-second penalty, along with deducting two points from his Super License. Later on, after they had observed and reviewed the video from every angle, they finally reached a conclusion.

It was clearly evident in the video that the Dutch driver had failed to control his excessive speed, which ultimately became the reason for colliding with the seven-time World Champion the unnecessarily at turn 2, which could have been easily avoided if Verstappen had controlled his speed before entering turn 2.

How many F1 crashes did Max Verstappen have in his career?

Normally, Max Verstappen is an incredibly good driver and has won three consecutive titles with his mind-blowing performances. However, there are a few times where the Red Bull driver has caused mishaps in his performances in the past few years of his life.

Throughout his driving career, Verstappen has experienced 28 crashes, with a failure rate of 21.71%. Among these incidents, he has collided with Lewis Hamilton on five different occasions, which are during the 2021 British Grand Prix, the 2021 Italian Grand Prix, the 2021 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, and the 2022 Brazilian Grand Prix. However, compared to other drivers, Verstappen’s rate of crashes is a lot less than that of other drivers on the grid.

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