Fabrizio Romano reports Lewis Hamilton’s F1 Ferrari move during a lackluster soccer transfer window

Millions around the world are fascinated by the beautiful game of soccer, with fans passionately following every event. Especially in European leagues, staying on top of the latest news is crucial. That’s where Fabrizio Romano, the renowned Italian journalist, comes in.

The closure of the January transfer window was notably quiet, with few movements as Premier League clubs, adhering to Financial Fair Play regulations, and other big clubs exercised spending restraint. However, it was Fabrizio Romano’s unexpected announcement related to F1 news on transfer deadline day that sparked significant reactions among fans.

Boring soccer transfer market led Fabrizio Romano to publish F1 news

Fabrizio Romano, renowned for breaking transfer news, provides insights into exclusive deals, such as the recent transfer of Brazilian wonderkid Endrik to Real Madrid, through his tweets and social media posts. He is famous for his iconic phrase, “Here we go,” which he uses to report a done deal.

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Interestingly, Romano’s trademark “Here We Go” phrase was used in a political context by Britain’s Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, showcasing the widespread recognition and reliability the phrase holds.

Amid the hustle of deadline-day transfers and soccer news, the Italian journalist made a surprising switch to motorsport by dropping exclusive news on F1 transfers. He tweeted about the British F1 driver, seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton’s move to join the Italian outfit Ferrari at the end of the 2025 season.

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Despite being under contract with his current team, the German motorsport giant Mercedes, until the 2026 season, Hamilton is set to join Ferrari as their new face, replacing Carlos Sainz, ahead of the F1 season in 2025. This decision will bring an end to his 11-year association with Mercedes.

Soccer fans’ opinions on Fabrizio Romano’s F1 news report

While the Naples-born soccer journalist isn’t renowned for primarily reporting on F1 transfers, he has broken some exciting ones in the past. His recent F1 transfer report sparked reactions on social media, with fans taking to different platforms to voice their opinions.

One fan wrote on X, “The transfer window is so boring that he had to report on Formula 1,” humorously criticizing the lackluster January window and suggesting it prompted Romano to shift his focus to motorsport transfers.

Another fan remarked, “Unironically the biggest Deadline Day signing this transfer window 😂,” labeling it as the most significant deadline day transfer regardless of the sport, highlighting its impact that stormed the internet.

One user, aiming to clarify the significance of the Lewis Hamilton transfer to soccer fans, stated, “For those wondering, this is like Messi joining Real Madrid 😭,” accompanying the explanation with a picture of Lionel Messi in a Real Madrid jersey.

Another user commented, “Fabrizio is the GOAT journalist in all sports,” underscoring his prowess in reporting across multiple sports domains.


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