Fans claim “just Lionel Messi is enough” in response to Atlanta United’s cheapshot at Inter Miami

Lionel Messi has already led Inter Miami to several victories since he joined the club. The 36-year-old Argentina International was instrumental in their Leagues Cup victory and several others. He is so inevitable for the Inter Miami team that his absence in the match against Atlanta United spelled the team’s doom on Saturday.

Lionel Messi was notably absent from Inter Miami’s lineup in their 5-2 defeat to Atlanta United on Saturday. He did not make it to either the starting lineup or the substitutes’ bench as a result of minor weakness. The game was played in front of a sizable crowd of 71,635 at Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

Inter Miami suffer thrashing without Messi

Tata Martino and his team suffered a humiliating setback in the MLS playoff qualification race. Inter Miami are currently in 14th in the MLS Eastern Conference with 28 points, seven points away from ninth place, as they were trashed 5-2 by Atlanta United in the MLS clash on Saturday.

In a surprising turn of events, the Herons managed to dominate possession with 52% of the ball, showcasing a strong ball-handling game. They also displayed precision in their passing, completing a total of 515 passes with an impressive 84% accuracy rate. In contrast, Atlanta had slightly less possession at 48% and completed 485 passes with an accuracy rate of 85%.

Despite the Herons’ advantage in possession and passing accuracy, Atlanta made better use of their time with the ball. They were more productive in attack, taking 16 shots, with six on target, highlighting their efficiency in front of the goal. On the other hand, Tata Martino’s team managed ten shots, but only three of them found the target, indicating a lower level of accuracy in their attempts at goal.

Lionel Messi

Perhaps things may have gone otherwise if Lionel Messi was present. However, Messi had to be sidelined following his recent International soccer involvement; he needed to recover. Fans in the MLS have Inter Miami since the defeat, saying, “Miami is a bad team which happens to now have the best player in the world. This game proved that.”

In a more antagonising tone, another fan said, “You need to delete your club. What would you do when Messi retires.”

Fans remind Atlanta social media admin of previous meeting

Lionel Messi is 36 years old, and he’s started most games since joining Inter Miami. It is only a matter of time before he is tired and unable to play. Miami coach Gerardo “Tata” Martino said that Messi did not travel for the game due to “muscular fatigue.”

In fact, Lionel Messi had uncharacteristically left the Argentina squad that travelled to Bolivia due also to some undefined weaknesses.

Due largely to Messi’s absence, Inter Miami lost 5-2 to Atlanta United on Saturday.

However, before that encounter, fans have taken to social media to remind the Atlanta United social media administrator of a previous meeting or encounter, possibly in reference to a match or event involving the team. This reminder from fans could be related to a specific incident or moment that they want to bring to the attention of the club’s social media team.


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