Fear over Max Verstappen’s F1 future grows with recent grid trend

Since the 1990s, Formula One has consistently adapted to the evolving environment, making only a handful of adjustments to the circuits to enhance the overall excitement and thrill for fans witnessing the wheels go off on the grid.

However, some journalists have recently expressed concerns about the more substantial altercations in the circuit, referred to as “hybrid,” which has been a rising trend in Formula One nowadays, while giving feedback on the sport in an exclusive interview.

Journalist raises alarm over Max Verstappen’s F1 future

Formula Oe Journalist Peter Windsor has made some concerning remarks about the overall changes in the street circuits, initiated by a recent F1 trend. He elaborates that building “hybrid” street circuits rather than long straight ones would fail to extract the rich driving quality every driver has to offer while racing.

In the latest episode of The F1 Hour, with an interview with YouTube creator Cameron, the 71-year-old also emphasized the fact that such major changes brought upon the circuits will ultimately have horrendous outcomes for the sport, as F1 will eventually stop finding extreme talents like Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton in the near future.

He said, “The problem is that the standard of driving will go down because the very great drivers will have fewer and fewer opportunities to show the difference in skill level. For me, there’s nothing nicer than watching a Max Verstappen or a Lewis or a Charles [Leclerc] or an Oscar [Piastri] display a talent that is above the ordinary. And that may well go; the opportunities to do that may well go with this trend.”

Furthermore, he has also added that F1 partially depends upon high-speed braking corners and DRS to enhance the thrill for Formula One enthusiasts, which will tend to destroy the sport slowly but steadily. Even fixing the camera’s angle to heighten the spectators’ experience will not eventually be a feasible option for the industry in the future.

Max Verstappen sees 2028 as the end of his F1 road

Even though Max Verstappen is currently at the peak of his career by securing his third championship title, the Dutchman has made it clear that the 2028 season will mark the end of his career as a potential driver on the circuit.

In various interviews, the 26-year-old has conveyed his passion for racing; however, he has firmly declared that a lack of motivation by the end of his contract in four years might catalyse his departure from the industry by saying, “I like to be competitive, and I like to win, but if you can’t fully motivate yourself to get to every race, then that’s the point you have to question yourself, ‘do you really want to continue?”

Fans have speculated that when he approaches the conclusion of his contract, there is a higher likelihood of his decision changing. However, the ultimate decision evidently relies on the Dutch sensation now.

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