Fernando Alonso joins forces with Xtreme Xperience to give racetrack thrills to F1 fans

Fernando Alonso, a driver with an unending enthusiasm for any racing opportunity, refuses to pass up any chance that involves the thrill of racing, regardless of his advancing age. Even during off-season periods, the Spanish driver seizes every opportunity to participate in racing or karting competitions.

Recently, there have been reports of Alonso entering into an exclusive agreement with Xtreme Xperience, a company known for its exhilarating racing policies.

What is Xtreme Xperience?

Xtreme Xperience is a company that offers millions of motorsports enthusiasts the opportunity to drive in their favourite cars without the need to purchase them for a day. All individuals get a ticket upon arriving at their venue for the supercar they chose by being allowed to race for a certain period on a world-class racetrack. It guarantees an incredible lifetime experience, which many users could not afford before due to the lack of affordability of an actual supercar.

The company even has professional instructors to ensure the safety of everyone, racing helmets and access to the pit areas, all of which are provided to ensure the experience of being a driver for some time. The company has top-notch supercars that a user can choose from, which include a $230,000 Ferrari 488 GTB and a $250,000 Audi R8, along with a couple of Lamborghinis and Porsches.

“Xperiences” starts at $79, where a user can exclusively get a Dodge Charger Hellcat on a racetrack with a pro driver. They can also then take 1-3 laps with the help of their pro drivers, who accompany them for their overall safety.

Fernando Alonso shares new trailer of Xtreme Xperience

Fernando Alonso has been a fan of companies that offer unique racing experiences for individuals and therefore decided to sign an endorsement deal with the American company Xtreme Xperience. It is rumoured that Alonso will also be personally attending to some users on the track to create a real driving experience for them.

Fans have been really excited to witness their collaboration once Alonso released a sponsorship video on Instagram with the caption “All preparations completed. We are ready, and you?” further encouraging enthusiasts throughout the world to try their godly experience at least once to fulfil their bucket list.

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