Fernando Alonso scythes down Alpine after Esteban Ocon collision: ‘you have to be extra careful’

In Formula One, where adherence to specific tactics is crucial to staying competitive, age often plays a significant role. While young drivers frequently dominate the sport, the presence of a driver in their 40’s is a rarity, yet it can be a remarkable and inspiring story.

Fernando Alonso, the main driver at Aston Martin, is a living example of this scenario. However, the 42-year-old recently fired a verbal shot at the Alpine drivers, owing to his past history with the team.

Alonso throws shades on Alpine

At the Sprint Shootout, the Aston Martin driver collided with his ex-former teammate, Esteban Ocon, at Turn 3 at the Interlagos Circuit, causing major damage to both cars and instigating a lengthy red flag.

During the initial phase of the Interlagos Circuit, Alonso was on a leisurely lap and off the racing line in Turn 3. Simultaneously, Ocon was in the midst of a flying lap, with Alping sitting in the elimination zone.

Ocon faced a sudden snap of oversteer while navigating the left-hander, colliding with the left front of the Aston Martin. This impact sent him crashing into the barrier, picking up several pieces of damage on his car, prompting an extended red-flag period for the necessary repairs to the tire barrier.

The incident raised eyebrows, igniting conspiracies involving the driver tracing back to when Alonso transferred to Aston Martin in 2022. After the race, he spoke to a Spanish-language media outlet, indirectly criticizing the Frenchman by saying, “Whenever there’s an Alpine, you have to be extra careful. We made contact into turn 6 – they think our car is thinner than what it is. And another time, I went on the grass.”

Esteban Ocon secured victory at the Hungary Grand Prix 2021, thanks to the incredible defense play of Alonso. Alonso held Hamilton for several laps, allowing the Frenchman to take the lead in the race.

The relationship between the drivers has been poor ever since, which ended up with Alonso permanently changing his team.

Alonso thanks Aston Martin crew

Despite Aston Martin’s struggles in delivering strong performances and securing a competitive position on the grid, Alonso expresses his satisfaction with the team and Stroll’s cooperation  in effectively addressing these challenges.

In a recent Twitter post, he expressed gratitude and thankfulness towards the team for promptly fixing his AMR23 in time due to his crash at the Brazil Grand Prix.

Could the collision between Ocon and Alonso be avoided? Or was it intentional? Let us know in the comment section below.


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