Ferrari now aims to break Red Bulls’ backbone after luring Lewis Hamilton from Mercedes

Recently, Ferrari has undergone significant restructuring following Frederic Vasseur’s appointment as team leader. The Italian team has achieved major success by securing Lewis Hamilton from Mercedes, effective in the upcoming season.

However, Ferrari shows no sign of slowing down, as it has been revealed that they are preparing to steal key members from Red Bull in their relentless pursuit of success on the grid.

Ferrari targeting major signings from RB

According to various sources, Ferrari has shown keen interests in hiring other team members of Red Bull apart from Chief Technical Officer Adrian Newey and Technical Director Pierre Wache, in the hope of ending their dominance by doing so.

A recent report from Gazzeta Motori suggests that the team has shown the need to hire Red Bull’s track engineer, David Morgan, head of performance, Ben Waterhouse and aerodynamic department head, Alessandro Germani. The three engineers were fairly responsible for paving the path towards Red Bull’s success and assisting the team in maintaining their dominance for the past few years.

Additionally, the current team principal of the Italian-based squad, Frederic Vasseur, has decided to renovate the team completely by hiring new members and changing their strategic plan to ensure victory on the tracks. As a result, the team is determined to recruit new members from the most influential team in the industry.

Helmut Marko reacts to Adrian Neway’s Ferrari links

Red Bull’s team advisor, Helmut Marko, has been shocked by the recent revelations of Adrian Newey’s potential departure from the team in the upcoming 2025 season.

The 80-year-old has addressed the ongoing rumours by saying “Adrian Newey in Ferrari? I hope not as continuing to be constantly committed to improving and continuing our path of success should guarantee a sufficiently reassuring environment.”

There were also reports suggesting Marko’s departure from the team due to the conspiracy allegations against the team principal, Christian Horner, which were imposed by his female colleague. Marko was accused of leaking confidential documents, which proved to be a significant threat to his position at the team. However, it was quickly confirmed that the F1 individual would remain on the team since the parent company failed to substantiate those accusations as correct.

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