“Fire him”: 49ers fans furious with HC Kyle Shanahan after Super Bowl LVIII loss to Chiefs

The San Francisco 49ers started the 2023 NFL season on a high note. Kyle Shanahan made his third Super Bowl appearance, his second as head coach. The Super Bowl LVIII was his first experience with an MVP frontrunner like Christian McCaffrey along with other explosive weapons like Deebo Samuel, Brock Purdy, and George Kittle.

However, the 49ers ultimately fell short of expectations after losing to the Kansas City Chiefs. Patrick Mahomes and Co. made records by securing consecutive Super Bowl titles, while the 49rs were left in agony once again. Shanahan delivered a heartfelt message following the disappointing defeat.

Kyle Shanahan reflects on Super Bowl defeat

Kyle Shanahan faced the bitter taste of defeat once again despite being on the cusp of victory. The 49ers couldn’t maintain their lead before ultimately losing to the Chiefs 25-22 in overtime. He expressed the profound disappointment felt by the team while reflecting on the heartbreaking loss.

“I don’t care how you lose. When you lose Super Bowls, especially ones when you think you can pull it off, it hurts. When you’re in the NFL, I think every team should hurt except for one at the end. We’ve gotten pretty damn close but haven’t pulled it off. We’re hurting right now”, Shanahan said.

The HC highlighted a protection breakdown that allowed Chris Jones to disrupt a crucial play. Despite the effort of wide receiver Jauan Jennings, the defensive pressure proved lackluster. Shanahan acknowledged the challenge of blocking a formidable opponent like Jones while highlighting the complexities inherent in Super Bowl matchups.

The 49ers innovative offensive strategies have earned them a stellar reputation in the NFL. However, the O-line couldn’t help them seal a victory. Their defense faced its own challenges as well in containing Patrick Mahomes. The inability to stop the rival quarterback on crucial downs contributed to the heartbreaking defeat. However, the 49ers HC viewed these setbacks as an integral part of sports, football, and life.

However, the shadow of this defeat adds a unique note to Kyle Shanahan’s coaching legacy. The defeat made him the first HC ever to squander two double-digit leads in the Super Bowl.

Fans want Kyle Shanahan sacked

Kyle Shanahan’s struggles on the Super Bowl have become a sore point in the NFL. He witnessed the infamous collapse against Tom Brady’s New England Patriots as the Offensive Coordinator for the Atlanta Falcons in 2016. The Falcons squandered a 25-point lead, and the defeat left a lasting mark on Shanahan’s reputation.

The coach returned to the Super Bowl in 2019 with the 49ers, but he faced another setback with a loss to the Chiefs. The dissatisfaction among fans with the veteran’s coaching tenure has reached a boiling point. The calls for his dismissal are growing louder across social media.

A person wrote, “Fire him.”

A netizen wrote, “yea have fun coaching Carolina next year bud.”

Today’s loss against the Chiefs follows a disappointing blown 10-point lead by the 49ers in the fourth quarter of the Super Bowl four years ago against the Chiefs. Now, he witnessed back-to-back Super defeats against Mahomes’ squad. Many fans are now doubting over Kyle Shanahan’s ability to guide the 49ers to Super Bowl glory.

A fan wrote, “He will never win a super bowl as 49ers coach.”

The San Francisco-based team has now gone almost 30 seasons without winning a Super Bowl title. This is surely a disappointment for the fanbase as they thought the drought is going to end this season.


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