Five networks including Amazon and Disney in contention to become the new home for WWE’s SmackDown amid speculation of Fox Networks’ exit

It looks like the merger between WWE and Endeavor is bringing in more changes than originally thought. Now that the merger is closer to being complete, Friday Night SmackDown might be looking for a new home ever since the news of FOX Network distancing itself from WWE surfaced. And in such a scenario, two of the biggest companies in the world are reported to be the top contenders.

It was reported recently that apparently there was a massive panic over FOX Network’s disinterest in renewing SmackDown. As a result, it led to WWE’s stock plummeting in the past few days. As of now, word is that Endeavor is planning to find a new home for SmackDown, which has seen several competitors till now.

New networks circling to own the rights of WWE SmackDown

Now that it’s looking likely that Fox may leave SmackDown, the door is open for new partnerships as WWE is in the process of finding a new home for the blue brand. It was reported that USA Network is likely to keep Monday Night RAW and NXT after the merger with Endeavor. However, the same wasn’t reported for FOX. Apparently, they are distancing themselves from WWE, and Endeavor representatives have decided that FOX isn’t a good partner.


During the latest episode of Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer talked about WWE being in talks with both Disney and Amazon and that it could likely move its blue brand on Amazon Prime or ABC.

“Something else also, when Garrett and I were talking on Friday about Disney being interested in SmackDown on Friday. The belief is that Raw and NXT will probably stay with USA although WWE is looking for a huge increase in price for both of those shows, especially Raw, obviously from 465 to 700 [million]. As far as SmackDown goes, time will tell. There’s a feeling that FOX is not going to go for the 300, which is what WWE is trying to get out of Smackdown or more, and that Disney and Amazon are probably the two companies most in contention for it. And if it’s Disney, I brought up ABC or probably FX”, said Meltzer.

Meltzer mentioned that it could very well be ABC. However, ABC has been running Shark Tank on their network, which apparently fetches them higher ad rates than SmackDown would, despite the blue brand’s recent success. There might even be a change in nights for the blue brand. It’s to be noted that both Disney and Amazon would be good homes for SmackDown. Triple H was recently spotted with Amazon boss Jeff Bezos; therefore, some might be inclined to believe that Amazon has the edge over Disney in this deal.

FOX reportedly distancing itself from WWE

It was reported a few days ago that Endeavor representatives had voiced concern that FOX may not be a good partner for WWE. This was due to FOX not being willing to meet the 1.75x renewal in rights fees to keep SmackDown on their network.

Apparently, this week there was a meeting among the Endeavor representatives, and it was decided that FOX was not a good partner for WWE, following their decision to not renew a deal with them. This news reached the investors in the company, which eventually led to a fall in WWE’s stock.

Now that it looks like FOX may be out of the picture, SmackDown is set to have a new home and quite possibly even change nights. Stay tuned for further updates on WWE.


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