Floyd Mayweather flaunts his Chiefs betting wins after paying $1.1M on a Super Bowl suite

Floyd Mayweather and the Super Bowl match are both currently trending after the news started spreading that the boxing champion was going to be present to watch the Super Bowl live match. The later victory of the Chiefs over the Niners made Floyd flaunt his bet win amount after he had already made a big payment for the Super Bowl suite.

It was a money recovery phase for the legendary boxer after he paid $1.1 million for 34 people’s stay at the Super Bowl Suite last weekend. The Chiefs’ victory turned out to be a profit-generating factor that covered all the expenses Floyd Mayweather has incurred on his Super Bowl suite.

How much did Floyd Mayweather win betting on the Chiefs?

At Allegiant Stadium, the presence of Floyd Mayweather was enough to bring luck for the Kansas City Chiefs and for himself.

The retired boxing champion previously showed off his million-dollar expense while saying, “I don’t kiss a**, and I never have to beg for nothing, especially not to get a Super Bowl suite. I don’t mind accepting invites at times, but one thing’s for sure: the person that’s paying does all the saying, Therefore, I get my own seats and suites so I can do what I want and invite who I want!”

Then it was time for Floyd Mayweather to show off his betting skills as well. On his Instagram, Floyd posted a story revealing his bet of $95,000 (£75,000) on the Chiefs and the result favoring his returns that amounted to a massive $203,000 (£161,000) after winning the wager. It turned out that Mayweather’s intention was to recoup the “Money” he spent on the suite, utilizing his winnings from the bet.

Later, he was seen celebrating the victory of the Chiefs with their players, congratulating them on the victory with handshakes.

Bubba Dub is present at Floyd Mayweather’s 1.1M Super Bowl suite.

The bet was successful for Floyd Mayweather, but the friends who were sitting with him looked more excited than him. The comedian Bubba Dub was seen celebrating the victory with other friends and posted a trash-talking video on the internet.

Bubba Dub, also known as Jerry Morgan, became famous for his hilarious NFL commentary and criticism. As expected, the comedian couldn’t hold his emotions and started celebrating the victory with funny trash talk. Floyd Mayweather can also be seen in the background, busy with his own celebration.

This bet for Floyd Mayweather gave a glimpse to the fans of how smart a businessman the retired boxer has become while spending just enough to recover the suite amount.

What are your takes on Floyd Mayweather predicting the game result that eventually turned into the recovery amount?

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