Floyd Mayweather weighs in on possible Canelo Alvarez vs David Benavidez bout amid PBC exit

Floyd Mayweather, after retiring from the boxing world, is still a big part of boxing, where he is always asked about his opinion. Recently, the boxing legend was asked about his views on fans getting to see Canelo Alvarez defend the belt against David Benavidez.

After exiting PBC a few days ago, Canelo Alvarez has become a free-agent boxer, and surely other promotions are looking to book the WBA champion. Alvarez was stubborn about his choice, but Floyd Mayweather thinks there are other better options as well.

Floyd Mayweather discusses the potential Canelo Alvarez vs. David Benavidez bout

PBC suffered a big loss when Canelo Alvarez exited the contract after fighting only once out of a three-fight deal. Not getting the desired opponent Jermall Charlo, it forced the stubborn WBA champion to come to a conclusion. Now Alvarez is out, and the boxing community has started their discussion about who could be next for him.

Boxing legend Floyd Mayweather doesn’t think it will be hard to find out who will be the next worthy opponent for the Mexican boxer. From those expected opponents’ names other than Jermall, David Benavidez is coming forward.

When asked about the matter, Floyd Mayweather discussed the possibility of a bout between the WBA champion and David Benavidez. The former boxing champion said, “If David Benavidez keeps beating fighter after fighter and champion after champion, eventually he’ll be the man. And then everybody will want to fight him. Just like me, you have to wait your turn. David Benavidez is a helluva fighter. All David has to do is keep going out there and beating guys, staying focused, and then he’ll be the guy.”

According to the retired boxer, David needs to keep maintaining his undefeated streak a little longer, which will eventually put him in the talks with his next opponent, Canelo Alvarez.

Floyd Mayweather talks about Canelo Alvarez’s PBC departure

There was always some disagreement going on between Canelo Alvarez and PBC that actually led to finishing off their contract prior to the due date. Many boxing fans were shocked to see what the reason was for taking this harsh decision after achieving all the things in boxing. But there is the point of view of Floyd Mayweather as well.

Floyd said, “Fighters have got to do what’s best for them… He’s a future Hall of Famer and a helluva fighter. Everybody runs their business differently, so I wish him nothing but the best.”

Floyd Mayweather never had that many problems while making fight matchups. Instead, he was this trend-setter where a boxer would decide who he was going to fight next. . However, this approach, which started around a decade ago, has now created challenges for many promotions. Previously, these promotions arranged matchups themselves, often prioritizing the boxers’ concerns less.

What do you think Floyd Mayweather’s advice for David Benavidez is enough to bag the fight against Canelo Alvarez?

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